The Move: Part II



We left Vermont and the whole family was together again in Eugene. Staying with my friend, searching for a new daycare for Donovan and the baby, getting our bank account set up, looking for a place to live, waiting for our belongings to come, waiting for our cars. In my free time (tuh!) I was also trying to apply for unemployment from the state of Vermont. Turns out I couldn’t collect any because I voluntarily left my job ~ regardless of the circumstances. Vermont is one of, like, 3 states, that never changed it’s law that you could collect unemployment for situations where your spouse gets a job in another state. They said, “well, you didn’t HAVE to quit your job…”  Grrrrr….

While waiting for our movers to get out to Oregon, I kept in touch with the young man via text. He said our stuff was fine and on the move, but they broke down in Montana or some place and he was still worried about the validity of the company. Also the company that was supposed to move our cars had yet to do so. It had been weeks since we expected them to be delivered and we kept getting the run-around. They would say, “well, we have to find a driver willing to go up to Vermont (from Florida) to get your cars so we are waiting for that.” Apparently, his original confirmation of the cars getting picked up by someone in the area the day after we left was untrue. The whole thing was a disaster. On top of all that, Grant was working 24/7.  Donovan and I hardly ever saw him. Every September, the track/cross country team goes to Sunriver for a training camp.  It’s a good 3-3.5 hr drive from where we were.  I was stressed, lonely, trying to entertain Donovan AND quickly find him a new daycare so I didn’t have to entertain him all day, all while figuring out the other logistics and necessities of our lives.

I couldn’t stand it any more and packed up for the weekend and we went to Sunriver to see Grant. In between working, he would be with us and some semi-normalcy came back to our lives. Plus, I was getting huge.




A couple contractions here and there, but nothing to worry about.  Good.  I wanted to find a place to live before this baby showed up.  I was due Oct 6th, but Donovan came early so I suspected this one would too.

Ok ~ some good things happened while all the craziness was going down.  Fall = football season! We got to go to a game.  We sat with my mom and met up with my brother Colin and his wife Peggy.


It was Donovan’s first football game and he was excited. It took him a while to warm up to the whole loud atmosphere, but we had a good time.



Even Poopy had a good time 😉  I had my “It’s not a baby, it’s a Duck” shirt on. Haha!



Also enjoyed during these days? Lots of Tillamook Strawberry Ice Cream. The best ice cream on the planet. Poopy kept saying, “more mommy! MORE!”



In the mornings, Donovan and I would cuddle.  He would come into the room Grant and I were staying in (minus Grant those first few weeks) and sleep a little longer with me.  I loved those mornings.




I also found him the perfect daycare and enrolled him IMMEDIATELY. He quickly made friends, as expected, and settled in there nicely. The only problem: they don’t take babies. The youngest is 2 yrs old. So the search for a different daycare would be underway, but since I didn’t have a job to rush to, only paying for one daycare was the way we were going until January, which is when I would start the job search.

When we got word our STUFF WOULD SOON BE THERE we got a storage unit and I met the movers there who squeezed unloaded everything in. Me? Still pregnant. I spent the day ordering them around, mostly that mean Russian guy, who forced me to sign his paperwork, and then made several sexist comments about how bad women are at driving to his new helper. That’s right. New guy. My connection guy had been fired.  I felt awful for him. I hope he ended up with his paychecks! The new guy seemed nice and helped translate to the Russian.  Like when I said put the stuff for the kitchen and any baby items towards the front for easier access, he would tell him. 

All of this was taking place and we got a call for an offer on our house in Vermont! Hallelujah! The buyer wanted to pay cash, no inspection, close date October 1st (which meant no mortgage payment for us). The only problem was he wanted to pay $15k LESS than the asking price. Grrr. But cash? No inspection? Sell as is? Couldn’t pass it up.  We told our realtor to get on it! SOLD!

Then finally it happened. I found a great, but small, rental house. Fenced backyard, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen with a covered patio. The whole house had just been gutted and redone. Brand new. And the landlord was sweet, and real, and understanding of our insane move and current need for a place PRONTO.  

Grant got back from his last road trip. It was a Saturday evening. Sunday we agreed to go look at the rental house one more time before signing a lease and to just hang out as a family for the day. We both agreed the place was good, big enough for us to live in until we found a place to buy, which would be in a year or two. Lease signed. That afternoon I was reading my “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book to revamp my memory on signs of labor, delivery, etc.  A couple hours later, I lost my mucus plug. I texted my mom (naturally) and she said when that happened, she went into labor and had my brother 2 days later.

Poopy would soon be on his way……