This blog is just meant to keep you updated on what’s going on in my life.  I’ll be including pictures and maybe a “featured video” of the week. Holla at your girl!

5 Responses to “Holla!”

  1. 94stranger Says:

    Hi Ceara
    I just liked your name! (saw your blog on Alpha.)
    Welcome to Blogland

  2. Dad Says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve visited your blog. Wow! It has a lot of photos and information that was fun to watch and read. You have got to send your recipe for that dish I saw (pasta, alfredo, shrimp, cheese)! I love that stuff!!!

    Can’t wait to see you, Grant, and baby.

    Stay active and happy!


  3. Mom Says:

    Grant did a great job painting the changing table! Looks wonderful!
    It’s heartwarming that you had twinges of regret about painting over the mom-applied stain, but it did need a make-over! Anxiously waiting to see it for real. Soon!

    Love you all!

  4. Mom Says:

    All that snow reminds me you are a continent away! And you’re sick! Wish I could bring you some chicken soup and keep you company while Grant’s away. People complain about the rain in Oregon, but you don’t have to shovel it!!! Wish you could see how springy it is here…saw my first azaleas and rhodies in bloom today. Oh, magnolias, too. Spring will get there sometime…and with it your little bundle of joy! Can’t wait to meet him/her!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you! mom

  5. Viv Turner Says:

    I LOVE this blog. I’m so happy I can peak in your world from afar. Miss you guys.


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