Last week, I started back to work.  Thankfully, I’m working from home until next week, then I’ll go into the office on a reduced schedule (a 4 day work week, mostly half-days in the office/half days at home).  Working from home has been harder than I expected… it made me realize Donovan doesn’t sleep as much as I thought he did!  One thing that has helped is this swing:

Just a few weeks ago, if we put him in it, he would just cry.  Now, he likes looking at the mobile and will just swing away–usually resulting in sleep. 

The weather has been really nice here lately–one weekend we got into the 90s!  How did Donovan handle the heat?  He slept and slept and slept!  We tried to keep him as cool as possible.

I love my chunky little baby!!!  He had his 2 month appointment and in addition to getting his first set of vaccines, he got weighed and gained 43 oz!!  His doctor said the average gain between the 1st and 2nd month is only 15.  All he does is eat and sleep, so no wonder he gained so much!  But it makes me happy–since he’s getting all of his food from me, I feel a sense of accomplishment, seeing my baby healthy and gaining weight.  Any other breastfeeding moms feel the same way?

Another toy Donovan is getting used to using:

He used to HATE being laid on his back, but now he is quite content and will play on this for about 10-15 minutes before getting bored.

That’s his “get me outta here” face. 

Another workin’ girl, my friend Vivian, is due June 20th.  Ever since I had Donovan, I’ve been so anxious for her to have her baby!!  Vivian is working until she goes into labor and on Sunday, she had her baby shower.

Looking at her makes me miss being pregnant.  She looks great but says she is soooo ready for this baby (don’t know if it’s a boy or girl) to come.  I’m ready for it to come too—our little ones will be great friends!

That’s it for now.  I have so much more to post, but it’s getting late–I’ll have to save it for tomorrow!