Hilarious Hump Day!

There is no video today because the link was all screwy.  Arrrg. Hopefully next week it will work.  

And this is not so hilarious, but funny and cute and it will put a smile on your face!


Yes, Amber, I stole these cute pictures off your blog because Baby Tuesday is so cute!



First, a short update…

The Lloyds came over for lasagne last night and we had fun.  Kijana beat me at Go Fish, then he was showin us his skills at dominos


No score was being kept, but he was doing really well at matching the right numbers together.  Tomorrow evening while Julie and Kwame go to Montreal to visit some friends, Grant and I are “putting our parenting skills to the test” (as Kwame is calling it).  We get to pick the kids up from daycare and play, feed them, put them to bed…and, well, put our parenting skills to the test. LOL!  I’ll be updating you on how that goes. On to our video of the week…who doesn’t like Ellen? Who doesn’t like hilarious, yet honest, senior citizens? Put them together and you get today’s hilarious hump day video!

I didn’t post anything over Christmas because, frankly, blogging wasn’t really on my mind during that time. I got a suggestion from Julie for this week. I gotta give this dude props for learning the whole routine and doing it without stopping, in what looks like a teeny space, in a teeny unitard-thing with his skinny self! Bravo! And at first I didn’t like this song because it sounds like all of Beyonce’s other songs, but the more I hear it, the more I like it. But I just hope I don’t picture this every time I hear the song now…

On Monday, it was Kwame’s birthday–


 So Grant and I joined their family, along with Stephanie (the assistant soccer coach) and her boyfriend Ethan at Sweetwaters–a local favorite restaurant with THE BEST fries–for dinner.


You can kinda see Kijana’s orange shirt under Kwame’s left arm…the kid was in the middle of dinner and was so tired he couldn’t finish his meal (I don’t think that ever happened to me…I never miss a meal!) So he crashed on the bench next to the birthday boy.  It was fun–good cocktails, good food, great company!  And Kwame got very excited for his dessert


I almost forgot it’s Wednesday! I kept thinking today was Tuesday…glad it’s not! This video is dedicated to Amber…


Nelson laugh “Ha ha!”


singer2  ~Ceara

For hilarious hump day, I’ve decided to pick a Thanksgiving-themed video.  Those of you who know me, know that I CANNOT stand turkeys.  I think they are the ugliest, most disgusting looking and sounding creatures on this planet and they gross me out with their gobbling noises and hanging skin off their neck and face.  UGH!!! I’m getting grossed out just thinking about them right now. Yuck.  Yes, I eat turkey meat. I actually buy ground turkey instead of ground beef.  And I’m glad we kill them for this American holiday because they are nasty to look at (and tastey)!  So, yes, it was hard for me to pick this video because I had to actually try to watch it…turkeys and all.  Ugh, yuck. The funny part of this is that Sarah Palin (this will be the only time she appears on my blog, I promise!!) pardons a turkey, but has no clue there is a guy in the background killing one. It’s not that graphic because the folks at msnbc blurred out the dead turkey…another funny eliment!  Ha ha!  Take that, ugly, gross, bird!!!

Happy turkey eating!!

singer1  ~Ceara

I love Wednesdays for one reason…the next day is Thursday! My favorite day of the week!  Why? It’s the best tv day, of course.  ER, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Office all on one night!  And I know I posted an Office video a few weeks ago, but you just can’t deny the hilarity of the show!  

Now, TELL me that ain’t hilarious!!

Don’t think that I’m a mean person thinking this is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen on youtube.  This kid is trying to tell his dad his little brother has, what he thinks is blood, on the side of his mouth. It’s actually juice. The first time I saw it, I thought it was kinda funny. Then I watched it again and again, and each time, I was cracking up even more.  Do you think it’s funny or mean?  Please comment. Happy Wednesday!

Ok, so I missed hilarious hump day. And with good reason! I had to post about the election! I’m still on cloud 9 and don’t think I’ll ever come down. But I have to post something funny for the week 🙂 

David Letterman: “I think I speak for most Americans when I say, anybody mind if Obama starts a little early? Would that be a problem?”

Kelly Kapur: “Dwight, get out of my nook!” Pam, “That’s what she said, that’s what she said!!!”

I was going to post a video too, but it’s not working. Arg. Maybe in a little bit I can load something up. Happy Friday!

First, let me re-cap the weekend. Friday and Saturday evenings were hockey. I sang the national anthem on Friday at the game and that went pretty good! The acoustics are cool, once I got used to the echo. The arena is a big space and it’s different than singing outside where your sound just goes OUT. But in the rink, the sound bounces around a little. It threw me the first two lines, but then I was able to hear myself and all in all, I think it went pretty good.

Look at my cute little Grant working

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!! 

No, he’s not a coach. Those are words to a song. I never heard it till I met Grant and even then, I didn’t believe him that it was an actual song.  Have you ever heard it? Surely, I’m not the only person. But I digress…

On Sunday we went to the last home women’s soccer game to cheer on Kwame and the team. If they tied or won the game, they would get a spot in the playoffs. Unfortunately, they loss 1-0 in OT. It was a good game, but too bad they couldn’t pull it off.  Grant and I sat with Julie and the kids–

She’s getting so big. And those cheeks!!! Sigh! There’s nothing like chunky baby cheeks!

While we were watching the game, Kijana wanted to play hide and seek with the baby wipes. At one point, Kijana hid the wipes in Grant’s vest pocket. Kijana even asked me to help him zip it up (ya, he’ll never find them in there!). When Grant opened his eyes, he started playing along asking Kijana where they could be. Then Grant told Kijana to ask the ball boy, who was standing just in front of us on the field, if he knew where the baby wipes were. This is how it went down:

Grant: “Go ask him, ‘do you have the baby wipes?’ ”

Kijana: “But I don’t know him.”

Grant: “It’s ok, just say ‘hi, do you have the baby wipes?’ Say it. Just say ‘excuse me, hi, do you have the baby wipes?'”

Then Kijana got down off the bleachers, walked up right behind him to ask the guy if he had the baby wipes, all the while I’ve got my hand over my mouth because I’m dying laughing, because I can picture him doing it.  At the last second, Kijana gets scared and doesn’t ask him.  And Grant is the kind of guy who can get kids to do some of the funniest things that he would never do himself.  It’s one of his gifts! In the end, Grant found the baby wipes in his vest pocket. It was all pretty funny.

Ok, on to our video for the day. Thursdays have always been my favorite day of the week.  And this is one of the reasons why.  The funniest show on tv!


Obama ’08!

A funny thing happened on the way to work today…

It was snowing!!!  Yup, snow.  Oct 22nd and it’s snowing.  Arg.  Thank goodness it’s not sticking, but it is cold and wet.  Just a sign of things to come, I guess…

Ok, so that’s not necessarily hilarious, but this is!  Happy Hilarious Hump Day!!  This one is courtesy of Amber 🙂

LOL LOL LOL!!!! What a tool!!!  LOL LOL LOL!!!

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