He Just Said That.

This morning, Grant went to wake up Donovan.  He turned on the hall light, opened his door and gently rubbed his back.  Donovan woke up and said, “Turn the light off.”  So Grant did.  Then he said, “Close the door.”  Grant closed the door.

Already, the kid is revolting against getting up in the morning.

Grant went back in after letting him lay there another 2 minutes and told him it was time to get up.  After brushing his teeth, he said, “I don’t wana go to school today.”

Dude, you’re 2.  Just wait till you have homework! Then, you can complain about not wanting to go to school.

Instead of telling him this, I just said, “You need to go to school today and tomorrow, then on Friday you get to go to work with daddy.”  (luckily school is closed on Friday anyway).  And the prospect of going to work with daddy??  He was pumped for the day.

Not wanting to get out of bed or go to school?  What is he? 14?

I have a trip to Arkansas to blog about, but I wanted to hurry up and get these down before it got to be, oh, I don’t know… September.

There have been several times that Donovan does or says something ridiculous/incredible/hilarious.  I repeat them to whoever is willing to listen (as all moms do, right?).  After one of my stories about Donovan, my coworker said, “are you writing these down?”  I realized I wasn’t but I probably should.  Flash ahead to my 17 year old son, with his deepening voice, telling me how there’s no way he could’ve said or did the things we tell him he did.  I’ll have this record of my innocent, sweet, little man and the crazy things he used to do.

*This story comes from his teachers at daycare. They told it to us during one of our parent/teacher conferences.  He was in the Jitterbug room (1-2 yr olds) and it takes place during lunch time.  Donovan is sitting at the table with the other kids, who are eating away.  Donovan takes his bowl, dumps out what is inside, and puts the bowl on top of his head.  He gets it to balance there, then silently looks around the table to see if any of his friends can see what he just did.  Charlotte notices.  She looks at the bowl on top of his head. Looks him in the eyes. Looks back at the bowl. And back in his eyes. They are both silent for a moment until Charlotte busts out laughing and so does Donovan.   I can just imagine him thinking, “I got her!”

*For his second birthday, I was determined to get him a Rally doll (a stuffed version of the UVM mascot).  His friend Simone has one and he would play with it whenever he was at her house.  He loved it.  After opening presents from his Grammy and friends, he looks in the bag, pulls out Rally and yells, “Rally finally here!!!!”

*At daycare, one of the substitute teachers, Joseph, worked there for a few months. He was the only male teacher and when he first started, I picked up Donovan after work, was getting his stuff out of his cubby and putting his snow boots on.  Donovan looks over and starts saying, “hey man!” and waving.  I’m confused because I don’t notice Joseph standing across the way.  Donovan is waving furiously, trying to get his attention. “Hey man! Hey man!”  Joseph turns and says, “hi Donovan!”  I look confused, apparently, because Joseph says to me, “he can’t pronounce my name yet so he calls me ‘hey man.’ ”    Me? Slightly embarrassed at the informality of it, but amused at how clever Donovan’s name for him was.

*Donovan was getting the beginning of a cold, but being the mom I am, I sent him to school anyway (go ahead and judge me).  I get a call later that he has a high fever and I need to come pick him up (the dreaded call).  I pick him up and his teacher, Rachel, tells me that  even though he doesn’t feel 100% he’s been ok that day.  During lunch, Charlotte was eating some gummy fruit snacks.  Donovan starts eyeing them, and Rachel tells him those are Charlotte’s.  He continues to look at them and Charlotte, then leans in close… closer… closer.  They continue to tell him that those are Charlotte’s, and he can eat from his own lunch.  He leans closer and whispers close to her ear, “mmmmm Charlotte. Mmmmmmm.  Have some?”  Extra cuteness bonus? He pronounces it: have shum.

*One morning, I was getting ready for work and was running late.  It was my turn to drop off Donovan at school, so I had to leave extra early and was a bit frazzled.  Just as I’m getting his shoes on, he tells me he pooped.  In the throws of potty training, I couldn’t just leave him in his diaper and have one of his teachers change him at drop off (which I would’ve done any other time without hesitation—again, go ahead and judge me).  So I take off his diaper, make him sit on the potty, get him all cleaned up and tell him to go get a diaper and his pants and bring them to me because we have to hurry up and go to school.  He’s gone longer than expected and I call out to him. He comes charging into the bathroom, with a pair of his underwear on his head and he’s swinging his head around saying, “yar matey! yar matey!”  I lost it. Laughing, I grabbed my camera and tried to take his picture, but all I got was a few shots of a brown blur running up and down the hallway shouting “yar matey.”  At that point, I thought, screw the clock. I’m guna be late to work.

*Staying late one night with the Shabazz family, the kids were playing way past their bed time.  I immediately regretted not bringing any pj’s for Donovan to wear because surely he would pass out on the car ride home.  Simone happily lent Donovan the most masculine pair of jammies she owned… he LOVED them and was excited to show them off.  I HAD to get a picture of him in them, so I asked Donovan, “where’s your frog?” He says, “right there!”

And for some reason, whenever he says the phrase “right there” it comes out in a southern accent…. so funny and strange….

*Back story: Donovan loves the show Olivia. In one episode, another girl named Olivia joins her classroom.  Olivia is confused and surprised that another person could have the same name that she does. So in a way to continue her individuality, she decides to change her name to Pam. While at school, her best friend Julian is trying to get her attention. He says, “Pam. PAM. PAAAAMM!!!!” and then Olivia finally turns around.  He says he’s just trying out her new name.  Fast forward a few weeks, Donovan and I are driving home from a UVM basketball game, I was singing along to the radio–something Donovan hates for some reason 🙂  Whenever we’re in the car and I’m singing, he says, “mama.” I say, “yes?” And he never responds.  He doesn’t even need to say stop singing… I know that’s what he means.  So this time, I keep singing and he keeps saying, “mama.  Mama! MAMA!” and I continue to ignore him because, well, I like to sing, and he needs to get used to it.  That’s when he screams, “PAM!”  I stop and say, “Pam?! Who’s Pam?”  He says, “Vivi Pam.”  Meaning, Olivia is Pam.  My mind was blown.  The fact that he made the connection between the two situations and used it in the right context…. it was from that point on I started giving him more credit than I had been.  Dude is smart.

*Donovan will let you know when you’ve cleared your plate at any meal.  In fact, he’ll let EVERYONE know you’ve cleared your plate because he’ll loudly say, “Mama ate it ALL!”

*It was a Saturday, around 3 am.  Donovan has had a rough night of sleeping and after numerous attempts to get him back to sleep in his crib, we cave and Grant brings him into our bed.  He immediately perks up like it’s one big slumber party.  Grant tries to get him to calm back down and get back into the sleeping mode.  I, of course, try my best to ignore Donovan because I don’t want to provoke him any.  Finally, he lays his big head head on my pillow, gets his face really close to mine, and starts sniffing me.  Then he says, “mmmm. Smells good.”  I couldn’t help but laugh.


That’s all for right now.  I’m sure he’ll say something else crazy soon.  And when he does, I’ll post it here 🙂