My baby Quincy is 1.  This past year has flown by ~ it was hard, rewarding, and crazy-busy!!  At 1, here are some of his stats:

Weight: 17 lbs, 15 oz (1 percentile)

Height: (I’ll have to insert this after I double check his paperwork…. what I DO remember is it’s in the 13th percentile.)

He is so little! Little and delicious. He’s been walking since 9 months old. He’s constantly trying to catch up to his brother.

He doesn’t form many words yet, though he is constantly making noise and babbling.  Like….constantly! He’s always been a noisy little bugger.  He is very good at mimicking inflections and the number of syllables in a word. If you say, “thank you VERY much.”  He will say something like, “dee dee DEEDEE do.” I swear one day he will open his mouth and a full sentence will come out like, “mom, can I have a sandwich?” He’s listening and studying everything we do and say ~ he amazes me every day. He will say a couple words: dada, thanks, dog, and he can say mama but he also knows that just going “Ehhhhh!” will be enough to make me reply and tend to him, so for now my name is Ehhh!

He understands a lot. When it’s time to leave the house in the morning and we grab his shoes, he will sit down right away, ready for them to be put on. Then he’ll pull at the front of his shirt as if to say “where’s my coat?”

He LOVES books. He will grab one and beg you to read it (another “EHHH!!!” moment). If you sit on the floor, he will turn around and back himself right into your lap and plop down with a huge smile on his face.


And you’ll have to read the book no less than 3 times.

Not so cute. At least when you’re trying to cook dinner.

He has a natural mohawk. Everyone always asks if we styled it that way… ummm…no, silly. It’s just naturally awesome, like the rest of him.


He’s copying everything Donovan does. This can be adorable or it can be life-threatening. Donovan gets changed into his pajamas and decides to run around naked, Quincy wants to do the same. Donovan wants to stand on one of his toys that has wheels, I tell him to get down because it’s not safe. As soon as he’s off, up goes Quincy. The kid is a daredevil and up for anything.  Watch, he’ll be the kid that tries to climb out of his crib….

If he gets hurt, he’ll whine or cry. Pick him up to console him? Try to kiss it to make it better? Forget it. He’s over it by then and wants to go back to what he was doing.

For his first birthday, my family came to our house for dinner. 4 kids in the house, my parents, my brother and his family. A touch of mayhem. I made pasta, salad, and bread for dinner. The older 3 kids ate in the living room while watching a movie and the grown ups and birthday boy were in the kitchen.  Quincy got the signature birthday cake: banana with chocolate frosting.


He must’ve been full from dinner because he was only interested in ripping apart the cake and throwing pieces on the floor. Then he wanted to go play with the older kids.


I love my baby, and I sometimes miss that really little baby stage (as rough as it was), but I’m also anxious to see what this next year will be like with him… it was my favorite time with Donovan. They’re so curious and learn so quickly, and they know nothing about back-talk because they’re still learning to talk; they’re sweet and cuddly; everything is new again in my eyes.

me and quincy