The Move: Part I

Yes, it’s going to take more than one post to describe everything that happened in our move.  Let’s recap, shall we?

The beginning of August, Grant accepts the job offer at University of Oregon.  We are happy ~ I’m actually thrilled to be moving back to be close to my family and friends.  I always said if we ever moved back to the west coast, I’d love to live in Eugene.  I fell in love with the city while going to school there and the area has only improved in the years we were away. It’s a sports town, for sure, with college football as a crazy, insane, wonderful time of year and it being dubbed Track Town, USA. The Olympic trials have been held here and will continue to be until the year 2022 or something like that.  Nike was born here. The people are nice, the weather is perfect, and I love it.  But I was also devastated to be leaving our home of the last 7 years. I never thought we’d be in Vermont that long, but we really laid some roots in that place.  We had great jobs, wonderful friends, a house, had our first kid there, survived the freezing cold long winters and blistering hot and humid summers.  I cried.  I cried a lot. A part of us will always be in Vermont.  I was 8 months pregnant and we were getting ready to move across the country. In August. With a 3 yr old. 

I cried.

I was overwhelmed, pregnant, sad to be leaving, happy to be leaving, pregnant, overwhelmed, and pregnant. We quickly put our house on the market.  It was the beginning of August and Grant needed to be at work at U of O on August 25th.

I cried.

I called my mom.

I put my notice in at work, which was heartbreaking.  My coworkers, my boss, were all like family to me.  I kept telling them “I’ll never find a better place to work than here.”  And I’m serious.  When I was pregnant, even with my first son, if I looked like hell, my boss would say “you look tired, you should take a nap.” Shoooooot. You ain’t got to tell me twice. I’d turn the lights off and close my office door and lay my head down for 15 minutes. He let me take an extra 30 minutes at lunch every day so I could drive to Donovan’s daycare and nurse him before his afternoon nap. Seriously. Best. Boss. Eva.

My mom ended up booking a plane ticket to come out the week Grant left so she could help with last minute packing, and be with me and Donovan as we flew back to the Northwest.  We had the moving company all set up and I was working with another company to ship our cars.

Notice from the moving company: The truck broke down and instead of picking up our stuff on Tuesday, it will be Thursday or Friday.


Our flight outta there was Saturday evening.  In one way it was a blessing because the house wasn’t NEARLY as packed as we planned. With all the updates we were doing to the house and yard to get it on the market and ready to sell, we only had evenings after work to pack up.  Turns out that takes longer when you have a 3 bedroom house than when you have a 2 bedroom apartment.  Lesson learned.  My mom was a packing Queen. Queen, I tell ya! At one point I went to finish packing up my closet and she came in to find me asleep on the bed.  It was hot, humid, Grant was already in Oregon, I was exhausted, so pregnant and swollen. I was actually quite useless at this point.  I also had to find an OB/GYN to deliver my baby in Eugene, a pediatrician for the baby, make sure Donovan saw his dr in Vermont one last time for his annual check up, find him a doctor in Eugene…. no one would be as good as Dr Land, the best of the best.

dr land


Donovan loved him, we loved him. I found an OB/GYN while still in Vermont and figured I’d get the rest of the stuff figured out when we actually got to Oregon. I also found a company to transport our cars to Eugene, and we got an update that the moving company would be there Saturday to load up our house. Things were feeling crazed (cutting it a little short, eh moving company?!) but like they were under control. 

Then the moving truck shows up. The truck had blacked out writing on the side and had 2 movers.  One was Russian and about 60 yrs old, the other guy was young (late 20s maybe), spoke perfect English. Everything about it looked as janky as it sounds. I’m like, “no one else is here to help you guys load all this stuff?”  Nope. The young man after looking at the garage full of boxes said, “this is it?” 

Um, no. Each room inside has boxes and there are some couches, etc. They went through and counted the boxes and then the Russian told me there were more boxes than originally expected so he had to add the cost to our total bill. He wanted me to sign this paper saying we would pay that extra cost and I refused, saying that’s not what we were told. He said he couldn’t load anything until we signed. So I call Grant in Oregon, cry on the phone, hoping not to set myself into labor, worrying that we are getting royally screwed.  Grant said to sign it and we would figure it all out later.  Fine.  The young man was very nice and apologetic and said he was hired via Craigslist for this company and he hadn’t even gotten a paycheck yet for his work and he’d been with them for over a month. We sort of bonded over our short time together and exchanged phone numbers because I told him I was so worried our stuff wouldn’t ever make it to us. He assured me it would and that he would text me along the way to let me know where they were. 


Since they were late getting to our house, my mom, Donovan, and I had to high-tail it to the airport so we didn’t miss our flight. We dropped our cars over to Rashad and Trish’s house so the car movers could come get them there, hustled back to our house where Rashad was there to be with the movers to make sure they put everything on that truck they were supposed to. Rashad later said they were moving stuff until like 11:00pm and woke up early the next morning to finish the job. Sheesh. We said good-bye to our friends and got on our flight to Oregon.

The next morning I woke up at my mom’s house, feeling so bizarre. Did that really just happen? Is this really happening? My mom drove us to Eugene, where we were going to be living with my friend Kristin until we found an apartment or house to rent. What we thought would be a week or two, turned out to be a month. Since our cars weren’t in Oregon yet, we were borrowing my uncle’s truck for a couple weeks, then using rental cars, then my dad’s car (do you see where this is going??) until our cars got delivered.  Day 2 of being in Eugene Donovan and I dropped Grant off at work…



Everything felt so strange. I still couldn’t believe this was happening and none of it felt real….

To be continued….