Ok, so I got ahead of myself when I finished my post yesterday.  In the evening I was thinking about all the moving stuff I was going to talk about today, but then went, “Wait a minute, so many other things happened that summer before we actually picked up and left.”  

Is it a ploy to keep you coming back for more? Maybe. But I figure you’ll be doing that anyway…. at least I sincerely hope you do! I know when I read back over these posts I’ll want to remember all of this. So here I go….

First, I can’t believe I forgot to mention Bruno.  




After seeing him host and sing on SNL October of 2012, I made it a goal – Next time he tours, I wana go. His album came out (Unorthodox Jukebox) and I loved it. Then tickets went on sale; he wasn’t coming to Vermont, so I called my girlfriend Trish and asked if she would want to go with me to Boston to see him. Mini road trip! As the date came closer, turns out Grant would be out of town so Trish’s lovely husband Rashad agreed to watch Donovan while the two of us went down to the concert, stayed overnight, and drove back the next afternoon. Extra bonus? Trish’s job at the time required travel and she had a client outside of Boston. Our amenities got taken care of because the next day while I sat in a bookstore and read, she visited the client. Win win. And the concert? Uh-Mazing.  Wish I could’ve sprung for front row seats, but it was fun regardless!


Moonshine Jungle Tour! Woot! We were up dancing the entire time.  Oh ya, and I was 6 months pregnant.


And Trish was in the first few weeks of her pregnancy too! 2 pregnant mamas out on the loose in Boston! Good times.  

I have since seen Bruno again (this summer when he came to Eugene) and had 7th row seats. If you’re ever looking for a great concert to see, his is one of them.  And get as close as you can. He won’t disappoint!

Lots of family time together, enjoying our last few months as a family of 3 ~ a Vermont Lakemonsters baseball game (we had to high-tail it outta there as soon as dusk set in because the mosquitoes would eat us alive).


Grant and Donovan had their first experience picking strawberries. They had fun but I was miserable because it was so humid that day. I just wanted to sit my butt in front of the a.c. But mmmmmm fresh strawberries!


Cuddle time immediately following.


Visiting Grant while he worked youth soccer camp.


4th of July with Trish, Rashad, and Simone.  Naturally.




Burgers, pasta salad, corn on the cob. The essentials of summer time.


Those two… 

And soon Grant would have 2 boys on his lap.  The image of that sight-to-come made me feel blessed that we were having another boy. Especially getting pregnant so quickly after the miscarriage.  I was learning to truly count my blessings.

5 months

That summer, right after Memorial Day weekend, I got the itch to get outta town.  It seemed everyone had gone somewhere for the holiday weekend and we did nothing. I always wanted to see the Atlantic ocean and a co-worker told me there was a little town 3.5 hrs away from us ~ York, Maine.


Since it wasn’t the height of the summer tourist season we got a great deal on a hotel room right on the beach for 2 nights. The weather was hot, the water was warm (compared to the frigid Pacific waters of Oregon), and we played on the beach all day.



Donovan loved running from the waves. And I loved that in the “backyard” of our hotel, we had these lounge chairs and Donovan took like a 3 hour nap. The waves of the ocean, the salty warm air… a slice of heaven.



And when you go to Maine, you have to have the lobster, right?


It was the perfect weekend. Only downside? You can’t make a fire on the beach to roast hot dogs or marshmellows! So our plan of making hot dogs for lunch one day resulted in us getting sandwiches at a deli instead. Not allowed to make a fire on the beach? Nonsense. And another reason I missed the west coast. Ha!

Oh! And my boss got married that summer! It was blazing hot and the wedding was outside at their house with a view of the mountains. It was gorgeous, but everyone was a sweaty mess (except the bride, of course, she looked flawless). Me and Donovan danced our butts off and celebrated those two crazy kids finally tying the knot.



One weekend Donovan played in “this is what I wana wear despite it being over 80* outside…”


He also sang in the choir at church. This mama was especially proud! He couldn’t have been cuter!



We had a great summer.  The last one where it was just the three of us.  Donovan was super excited to be a big brother. He wished for a baby brother and told us so even before we knew the sex of the baby.  Also, when we asked what we should call the baby, he said, “Poopy.”


Alright!  So that’s what we did.  Every time we talked about the baby, it was “Poopy is kicking; wana feel?” or “When Poopy is born, you are going to be the best big brother.” We also made sure to include the conversation of, “When Poopy is born, he is going to get a new name.  Just like when you were in mommy’s belly, we called you Jebediah, but once you came out, we called you Donovan.  So Poopy will be called something else when he comes out.”  HAD to make sure we had that conversation! 

Ok, the great move blog post is tomorrow.  See you then!