A few weeks ago, I had my first overnight away from Donovan. Yes, the kid is 2 and I hadn’t been away from him for more than…. uh…. maybe 8 or 10 hrs tops?  Seriously, time flies so fast when you have a kid, that I think back and go, “how is that possible?”  I couldn’t believe there hadn’t been a morning that I didn’t spend with him.  So when I heard comedian Kevin Hart was coming to Boston, I knew it was a perfect opportunity to leave Donovan in trusting hands, and have the ultimate date with Grant Wilson in Boston.

Thankfully, our friends Trish and Rashad volunteered to watch Donovan. It was perfect because Donovan is so in love with their daughter Simone, I knew he’d have a great time.  We packed our bags, dropped Donovan off, and when we walked out the door, he didn’t even cry. YESSSSS!!!  This is what I was hoping for.  It made leaving him that much easier.

Grant and I had an easy drive down to Boston, checked into our hotel.  Our hotel was right in the theater district of downtown Boston, just blocks from the Wilbur Theater. My plan for the whole trip was to park our car and just walk every where.  Everything was just about a 10 min walk away.  Perfect.

Grant and I found a nice pub and had some appetizers and cocktails before the show.  We walked over to the theater and Grant realized he didn’t have the tickets…….. he just had them when we were at the restaurant, so he RAN back to and found them on the sidewalk. Turns out he dropped them out of his pocket when he pulled out his phone.  Crisis averted.  The show was hilarious.  Kevin Hart had 3 guys open for him, each did a set for about 20 minutes and they were really funny too.  And I loved that every woman I saw was wearing a pair of heels.  People got dressed up to go out–this is something I miss living in Vermont.  People here are toooooo casual and it’s refreshing to see women and men get gussied up for a night out.

After the show, we found this place called Scholars.  It was AMAZING.  The atmosphere was cool and modern and the food was one of the top 3 meals I ever had in my life.  Seriously.  Go there if you’re ever in Boston.  You won’t regret it.  We hung out, had great conversation and about an hour and a half later, a dj came in and started spinning.  Then the place got crowded and we people watched for another hour.  It was a lot of fun!  The next morning, we found a movie theater close by our hotel and went to the 10 am showing of Hunger Games.  We both had just finished the book and were dying to see the movie.  And since we already had a free sitter, why not toss in a movie into our weekend away?

It was Easter Sunday, and even though I was bummed we weren’t at home so we could go to church and celebrate (it’s my favorite service of the year), and seeing folks in Boston dressed up to go to church, I was happy Grant and I were taking the time away.  We both really liked the movie, found a Pop-Eye’s for a quick lunch and got back on the road.  Turns out Donovan had a great time while we were gone too.

They got dressed up, had an egg hunt the night before, and Donovan got an Easter basket that I put together before we left.  He actually cried when we picked him up because he didn’t want to go home.  He didn’t miss us one bit!

Totally doing this again.