March was an extremely busy month for the Wilsons.

In chronological order:

First, basketball.  Grant was busy traveling with the basketball team. It was a pretty exciting year for UVM. It was the coach’s first year as a division 1 head coach, and they made it to the NCAA Tournament, only to lose the second game to North Caolina (but then North Carolina lost a few games later and totally messed up my brackets…).

Random event: Donovan got a fly haircut:

When Grant got home (the day after his birthday), we hit the town to celebrate his 33rd b-day! And with it being Saturday, 65*, and St Patrick’s Day in a college town… downtown was PACKED! We played outside for a little bit:

Then we ate at this new Mexican restaurant and I had an amazingly yummy margarita (Mexican food is traditional Irish fare, right?). Afterward, we walked up and down Church Street to check out the craziness because we had some craziness on our hands.  Donovan had so much energy!  Along the way, he was given this:

Smooth Criminal, anyone?

Imagine Donovan in his green shirt, with this green hat boppin’ and hoppin’ down the street.  Dude looked just like a little leprechaun!  It was so funny. Oh ya, plus he wanted to ride the “moose.”

Then my mom came to town to celebrate Donovan and my birthday!  How my mom was here for 2 weeks and I didn’t get one single picture of her by herself, with me or with Donovan is beyond me.  But she WAS here.  For my birthday, we just went out to dinner and got some ice cream. Donovan’s birthday fell on a Tuesday this year:

So I sent him to school with cupcakes and he got to have a mini-celebration with his daycare friends.  His teachers handmade him a cute shirt that has pictures from his favorite books on it (Baby Baluga, Snuggle Puppy, Chikki-Chikki Boom Boom to name a few). Then that night, we celebrated as a family (and had some more cupcakes):

Then that weekend, we invited his dear friend Simone over for a little play date/b-day party.  The theme–Dinosaurs.  He’s obsessed with them right now, and can even say Spinosaurus.

My little (big) man.  We all went outside and played with bubbles, played on the swing set, and did an art project: painted on canvas.  I’ve been meaning to do this activity for a long time, but finally got my booty to a craft store. And I’m SO DOING THIS AGAIN. The kids had a good time and came up with some cool looking paintings!  I also got them both one of those eggs you put in a glass of water and in a day or 2 it hatches into something? I found a dinosaur one and Donovan has loved checking on it every day, even after it hatched, to look inside and say, “ooooooooooh! Dinosaur!”

Love this age.

One other piece of March Maddness: Grant and I are reading The Hunger Games.  We saw a preview for the movie a couple months ago one night when we went on a date.  It looked really good and Grant borrowed the book from one of the basketball players and read it while he was on the road.  I wish I checked it out at the library so I could read it at the same time, but who has time to read?!  After he finished it and told me what it was about, it was settled. I had to read it.  I tried to finish it while my mom was here so she could watch Donovan while we went to see the movie, but that didn’t happen.  I’m ALMOST done now and hate to put it down when I have to.  The book is crazy-good.

Madness. Straight up.