Donovan is not yet 2 and already he is using the potty like a pro.


Sort of.

This is what we have at home:


A little reading material (what bathroom is complete without it?) and the ever so important towel underneath.  At first, I only put this down because he didn’t like his little feet making contact with the cold tile floor.  Last night, I discovered a second function.  Pee-soaker-upper.  Little man sat to pee and it ended up coming out all over the place, including on my slippers.  He was so proud of himself for sitting on the potty, that I ignored the puddles on the floor and congratulated him anyways. THEN I grabbed the towels and cleaned up.

Then I was putting some clothes away, and Donovan was hanging around with no undies on.  The next minute I turn to look and he has taken a dump on the floor.  So I rushed him back to his potty. Why didn’t anyone tell us that potty training your kid is like house training a dog?!?!!!!?

Ok, so I’m more than thrilled he is using the potty, especially since just about everyone kept telling us not to even start trying… boys take longer to train than girls… wait till he’s 3, that’s when he will get it.  Blah blah blah.  Never underestimate the smartness of Donovan Wilson (except when he pees on the floor and the couch, of course).

Now if you’ll excuse me, there are some pee-soaked towels that need to get washed….