This Halloween was so much fun–well, after the costume arrived.  I ordered it online (pretty last minute) and was happy it got to us in plenty of time.

I chose a lion costume for him since we went to see his first movie, The Lion King in September. He happily sat through the whole thing (to my surprise!), so in honor of Simba, Mufasa, Nala, even Timone and Pumba, he was a lion. And yes, this picture was taken as he zipped by me with a mouth full of chocolate…

Speaking of chocolate, remember his costume from last year?

Ok, just making sure….

This year his class got in the Halloween spirit and had a field trip to the pumpkin patch!

“Mama! Heavvvvvyyy!”

I just had to chaperon since I missed out on his field trip to apple picking this year. The pumpkin patch included a hayride, picking out a pumpkin, apple cider and cider donuts.  It was a short, but fun little trip.

He loved the tractor!

Cider donut. Nom nom nom nom!

Donovan was excited to see the animals, but kept (enthusiastically) making the sound of a horse when he came to the goats–he’d never seen one in real life, and you don’t see many goats in children’s books.  Donovan, a goat doesn’t say “neigh!” it says….uh….it kinda sounds like a sheep!

Come Halloween….

Roaaaaaarrr! We ventured to about 6 houses in our neighborhood. We got to the first house, and even after teaching him how to say “trick or treat” he got shy and only said “thank you” after being able to pick out his piece of candy, which he held in his hand and refused to put in his bag.  The next house, the same thing. At this point, his hands were each holding a piece of candy. We ended up prying the candy out of his hands so he could gather more.

After it got dark, more kids came out and Donovan was checking out their costumes and not wanting to go inside–even though it was pretty cold.  After a couple more houses, we went home and ate dinner while simultaneously handing out candy. THIS was Donovan’s favorite part of the night. He kept asking us, “trick treat?” And we’d have to explain that he’d have to wait for the doorbell to ring.  And when it did, he eagerly went to the door with me and would drop candy in each kid’s bag.  At one point, even saying “more?”  I’d have to tell him that one was enough (I know, sorry trick or treaters).  One kid, he must’ve been no older than 6, after given his candy said, “that’s a cute kid you got there!”  So adorable.

All in all, it was a good Halloween.  Donovan got his costume in time.  He didn’t hate it.  We successfully trick or treated.  Donovan went to bed with a tummy full of candy.  Halloween. Can’t beat it.