Wow, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything! First, I’d like to thank you readers for your crafty suggestions.  There were definitely some that we are going to take on. I see a fun winter headed our way! In terms of what we’ve been doing lately, I’ll just give you some snapshots of what our life has been like:

Pajama day at school–

Playing in the rain–

Attended our first birthday party (Simone turned 3!)–

Enjoying the Christmas decor at Costco–


Having snacks before bed–

Helping his dad at work–

Playing on the slide after an overnight rain shower–

Enjoying a new toy (this thing keeps him busy for a nice, long while!)–

Seriously, Donovan loves his new hoop so much, he threw a fit when he had to leave it to go to school the next morning.

So we’ve been keeping ourselves busy, and enjoying the fall.  Next up, Halloween! Donovan’s costume came in the mail and he tried it on. But when he did, he kept pulling on it, saying, “Help?” meaning: help me get this off.  Oy. Once the whole thing was on him, I kept encouraging him, telling him he looked so cute, and even walked him over to our full length mirror so he could see himself. He still wanted to take it off. Let’s hope come Monday, he’ll manage to keep it on….

Oh, Donovan!