One of the things that I love about Donovan’s daycare is that it’s not run like a daycare. It’s more like school, with lots of activities geared towards developing fine motor skills, language (including sign language) and a ton of art projects.  And they document EVERYTHING.  They are always sending home their projects with pictures of them doing the project, which is fun to see them in the process.

This happened to be the day they were playing with shaving cream…..

A couple weeks ago they had parent/teacher conferences–I know, it might seem ridiculous to have a meeting with his teachers, but it’s nice to hear how he is doing socially with the other kids (the biting has stopped), how he’s developing right on track with his language and motor skills (his vocabulary is increasing like crazy), and we found out that he LOVES doing art projects. I was both happy and sad to hear this. Sad because why didn’t I already know this?!  The pangs of mommy guilt set in quick–I didn’t know this already because I’m at work all day and he is spending his days at daycare.  Sure, on weekends, we color but half the time he seemed more interested in putting the pens, crayons, etc in his mouth… But I was happy to hear that he loved it so much.  We were told he is always the first one to the table and the last to leave.

This got me thinking about more artsy-type things we can do this winter when the weather is too cold to be outside.  But I need some help, readers.  I was never into art projects and am having trouble thinking of things to do. One idea I have is getting some paints and blank canvases and just letting him go to town. But besides that, I’m kind of stumped.  If you have kids, what kind of stuff do/did you do with them that they enjoyed?