Friday was a big day.  I had outpatient surgery to get my nasal polyps removed. Those of you who have been following my blog know that my struggles with a constant stuffy nose and occasional loss of smell and taste started during my 2nd trimester, now just about 2 yrs ago.  My ob-gyn chalked it up to being recurring sinus infections, although it turns out, after a trip to the ear, nose and throat specialist, I developed nasal polyps–extra tissue growing in my sinuses.  The tissue blocks certain receptors, preventing me from smelling and tasting.  After rounds of medications, endless nasal sprays, and none of it working, it was recommended I have them surgically removed.  For sure, this couldn’t be the answer!  I was bummed that this is what it would come down to.  So after 6 months or so, I decided it was time after realizing all that I was missing: smelling my baby after a bath, tasting food at a new restaurant, the smell of Grant and his cologne, and even Donovan’s poopy diapers.  I would be walking outside with friends and they would say, “oooh, someone’s grilling burgers,” or “those waffle cones smell good,” or even, “yuck, what is that smell?”  I missed all of those simple things.  I was kind of going through life oblivious.  Sure, I can see, feel, and hear, but imagine going through life without your smell and taste.  Frustrating.  So I decided to have the surgery.

It started Friday, going through the morning having to not eat anything.  I was struggling because my surgery wasn’t until 12:30 pm.  I was nervous.  Grant was working, so I checked in and got settled.

Nothing like a pair of XL socks to make a woman feel sexy while in a tie-in-the-back gown.  And even though I went into surgery 2 1/2 hours later than scheduled, I woke up with no bandages on my face and not feeling terribly awful.  Until I sat up.  My head hurt, my nose started bleeding, and I wanted to go home and lay in bed.  Grant and Donovan came to get me and so began my new routine of bandages, sprays, and meds.

My doctor spoke to me before they wheeled me into the O.R. He looked at my CT scan they did a couple weeks ago to see exactly where the polyps were.  Apparently, they were in my entire sinus cavity–up my nose, under my eyes, and even up towards my eyebrows.  Yikes!

Saturday morning, I woke up.

No bruising, not much bleeding and overall, feeling somewhat ok.  And so far, I’m thinking that if this happens the next time I get pregnant, I will go through the surgery again.  My post-op appointment is Wednesday.  I can’t wait. The gauze comes out and I’ll be able to blow my nose–something I’ve been dying to do since Friday afternoon!  In the meantime, I’m enjoying a gift from my mom:

And I’m enjoying my smell and taste slowly coming back.  Yup, so far definitely worth the surgery.