August 2011


I spent most of the day solo with Donovan, and it’s times like these that I realize how quickly he is growing up–and how quickly he is adding new words to his vocabulary.  So I wanted to write them down before I forget, and so that I can look back at this time in his life. He is 16 months old, and the words he knows and sentences he uses often, are:

*Up, please.
*Help, please.
*Nite nite
*Dientes (spanish word for teeth)
*Dog (and “woff!”)
*Baaaa (for a sheep)
*Mooo (for a cow)
*Chick chick (he uses this to identify any bird)
*Fall down.
*Dada while patting his belly means diaper
*Banana (he says nana)

I think that’s it, but I’m sure I’m forgetting a few. The other day we were looking at some family photos, and when I pointed to his picture and asked, “who is that?” I could’ve sworn he said “big D.” Big D is what some teachers at his school call him. I said, “no, that’s Donovan!” The next day, I asked the teacher if she and others wouldn’t call our son any nickname, but only refer to him as Donovan.  We don’t want him identifying himself with a nickname before he even learns how to say his own name. He is not Big D, D-man, Don, Donny, or D. He is Donovan. If we wanted our son to be called Big D, D-man, or any other uncreative name, that’s what would be on his birth certificate. When he is older, if he wants a nickname, he gets to decide what it will be, or at least have a say in what it will be. But for now, thankfully, it’s just Donovan.



The summer for the Wilson’s is going strong.  The weather has been great, each weekend has included swim lessons, playing outside, trying to keep up with the laundry, grilling, etc, etc etc.

Grant’s been busy working some camps this summer.  One of them was for girls basketball. In the evenings, we would go visit Grant and Donovan LOVED hanging out with the ladies and playing basketball.

And I just got my car back!

Looking brand new! They not only got my driving like new, exterior and all, they got it looking like new.  Washed and vacuumed out–I have a new found appreciation for having a clean interior.  No longer will I let the cheerios that got thrown on the car floor sit there for a hideously long time!!

Also going strong is my blog!  Happy 3rd anniversary to me and to all of you who have been keeping up with me over the years.  So much has happened, and I’m glad I can share all of it with you!

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