I spent most of the day solo with Donovan, and it’s times like these that I realize how quickly he is growing up–and how quickly he is adding new words to his vocabulary.  So I wanted to write them down before I forget, and so that I can look back at this time in his life. He is 16 months old, and the words he knows and sentences he uses often, are:

*Up, please.
*Help, please.
*Nite nite
*Dientes (spanish word for teeth)
*Dog (and “woff!”)
*Baaaa (for a sheep)
*Mooo (for a cow)
*Chick chick (he uses this to identify any bird)
*Fall down.
*Dada while patting his belly means diaper
*Banana (he says nana)

I think that’s it, but I’m sure I’m forgetting a few. The other day we were looking at some family photos, and when I pointed to his picture and asked, “who is that?” I could’ve sworn he said “big D.” Big D is what some teachers at his school call him. I said, “no, that’s Donovan!” The next day, I asked the teacher if she and others wouldn’t call our son any nickname, but only refer to him as Donovan.  We don’t want him identifying himself with a nickname before he even learns how to say his own name. He is not Big D, D-man, Don, Donny, or D. He is Donovan. If we wanted our son to be called Big D, D-man, or any other uncreative name, that’s what would be on his birth certificate. When he is older, if he wants a nickname, he gets to decide what it will be, or at least have a say in what it will be. But for now, thankfully, it’s just Donovan.