July 2011

Last week, Donovan and I ventured to the great Northwest to watch one of my best friends get married.  And since I was singing in the wedding, I had to be there anyway, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.  It was a busy week!  Here is the rundown:

Thursday: A trip to a winery just outside of Eugene called Sweet Cheeks.

Cute place. Free wine tasting, and you can bring your own food!  The weather was fantastic, so we sat outside, ate, drank, and let the kids run around. Donovan may have a new girlfriend, Sienna (the flower girl). He was getting his mack on!

Friday: Mani/pedis.

Donovan stayed home with Grammy so I could have time alone with my girlfriends. It worked out great because the cousins came over to play!

I’m loving this picture. It shows each personality perfectly.  Friday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Saturday was the wedding! And somehow, I didn’t get a picture of the lovely bride! How is that possible?!  Kristin’s mom did snap this cute picture of Donovan:

Mmmmm…. corn…….

Sunday: The beach.  Come on mom, let’s go!

He had a hard time walking on the sand, and was a little scared of how loud the ocean was, but he warmed up to it and had a fun time.


Beach feet!!!

Colin, Peggy, Zavion and Avalee came too!

The weather was warm, the sun came out.  It was great.

Monday: Brief visit with Amber and Tuesday.  Again, no picture!  Amber, please email me one or post one you took of our two kiddos together please.  Then I met up with my parents to take Donovan to the carousel.

Wait up, Grandpa!

He loved it and didn’t want to get off, even after 3 rides!! Gotta remember this for next time we are in Salem.

That night, we drove up to Portland and had dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousins.  Then off to the airport!

After a horrible (for me) red eye flight, which included a 10 yr old flying solo who was talking to the girl next to him almost the whole flight, AND being in a seat where lights wouldn’t turn off so I couldn’t fall asleep, by the time we got home I was exhausted.  My awesome traveling buddy slept on every flight, but was still a little jet lagged, so he napped with me for 3 hours! Thank you, baby!

It was a whirlwind of a trip, but very much worth it!  I can’t wait until we can all go back!  For those wondering what song I sang, this is it:

We had such a full, long, fun weekend.  Here is a quick re-cap of what the Wilson family was up to:

Set up Donovan’s first hair appointment.  Big debate about whether to cut it or put it in cornrows.  My vote: Cut. Grant: Cornrows.  Ok, fine. Cornrows.  On my way to pick Donovan up from daycare on the big day, I was driving in traffic when I see someone pulling out of the grocery store… oh, can’t you see me coming? I’m coming! You’re not stopping?! Stop! STOP!

She hits me. Luckily baby was not on board, I slammed on my breaks quick enough that neither one of us was going terribly fast, and everyone was ok.  But my car!!!!  Ugh.  So, the hair appointment has to wait until THIS weekend.

Saturday was swim lesson #2:

Isn’t his little swim outfit cute?! And his little diaper booty? Ha ha ha! Yes, he still cried, but not as much as his first lesson.  It was HOT out and I wished I’d brought my suit so I could get in too.

He was still clinging on to daddy… I think they were both secretly plotting to make a quick getaway!

Every year on the 3rd of July, the city of Burlington puts together a big fireworks show at the lake.  This way, the smaller towns can have their own parades and fireworks on the 4th.  I used to think that was strange, but I’ve come to really like it. I think just about everyone comes downtown, sets up their lawn chairs or boat, the ferries have cruises you can go on, there are food vendors and music playing.  And great people-watching!   For the second year in a row, we watched from the balcony of the Echo Center.  There was food, drinks, face painting, and you could check out the exhibits, which was great for Donovan.  Last year he was just over 3 months old:


And he was running around, causing wonderful mayhem–which made two women come over and tell us how much they loved watching him play and how cute and happy he was.  That’s always reassuring and feels so much better to hear than, “excuse me, can you please control your kid?”  In addition to him being so happy, he gravitates towards older kids.  He wants to play with them so badly. Thankfully, they oblige.

Hey cute, blonde girl, want to play?  And you see that woman in the forefront in the pink shirt?  You’re right! Those ARE little fish embroidered on her shorts!  Good eye!

Pretty soon, a group of boys around the age of 6 or 7 showed up and they were all tossing around a little foam football.  Donovan was in heaven!  And I must admit, when things happen that cause Donovan to be off schedule (fireworks start at 9:30–but that’s his bedtime!) I get a little nervous about the logistics of everything, which I think makes Grant nuts.  But of course, with all the worrying I’m doing, everything always turns out just fine.  Why can’t I seem to remember that?  The last 20 times, things have gone so smoothly, and yet I still worry.  Yes, the next couple days, his “schedule” will be a little weird and he’ll be readjusting, but it’s fine.  It’s fine.  Yes, it’s fine.

It was great having tons of family time together (man, I’m going to miss this come basketball season!), our weather was fantastic (85* every day, I’ll take that, thank you!) and we taught Donovan how to say “hot dog” on the 4th, which is what we grilled in celebration of our Independence Day.  Nothing says America like a Hebrew National, right?  Mmmmmm yum!  Best hot dogs ever!  What did you do to celebrate?