Ya, it pretty much went like this:

Outdoor pool + a week of on and off again sunshine + morning of rain and 60* temps = an unhappy little man….and a trooper of a dad—Grant did great despite being mad at me for making him them get in even though the water was seriously so cold.  “This is unhealthy!” is what Grant said.  The lesson was 30 min, but after being in for 20, we both thought it was best for Donovan to get out.  Other kids in his class were shivering, but still happy singing the songs with the instructors and playing in the water with their parent.  Not Donovan.  He was like, “Get. Me. OUT.”  So we did and once he was warm again, he was back to his normal happy, talkative self.

Prayers every night are being said, and we are including a request for warm weather all week, no rain, and a warm pool for Saturday.  Thank you.  Amen.