May 2011


With the weather finally warming up, comes all that goes with the sun — shorts, sunscreen, tank tops, and sandals.

Donovan is in love with his sandals.

He asks to wear them all the time. First thing in the morning while still in his footed pjs, he will bring them over to us, we will take his feet out of his pjs and put them in his sandals. He is perfectly happy putzing around the house in his pajamas and sandals. Just a onsie on? Sandals. Tank top and diaper? Sandals.

It is so cute.

The winter is over and it’s time to go out and play!  With the warmer weather, Donovan gets to be in one of his favorite places… the great outdoors!

Being a toddler can be tough.  Constantly trying to climb on things you’re not supposed to, squeezing into the smallest of spaces, and tripping and falling all the time. 

See his left eye and how it’s red and slightly puffy?  Result of toddler-hood.  Don’t worry Donovan, mommy and daddy will protect you and do our best to prevent the future spills, tumbles and falls that are sure to come, and take care of you the best way we know how. 

You are keeping us on our toes, that’s for sure!

This week was a big week for a very big boy.  Donovan graduated from the infant/baby room to the toddler room at his daycare.  What’s the difference between the baby room and the toddler room? Babies basically get to nap whenever they want, drink milk from a bottle, and have a smaller play area (since they aren’t terribly mobile).  The big reason they felt Donovan was ready to graduate was because he was walking (practically running!) everywhere and eating solids really well.  He isn’t completely weaned, though we’re currently working on that, but he doesn’t use a bottle anymore.  All liquids are given to him from a sippie cup.  In his new classroom, he only gets to take one nap a day and it’s right after lunch. The first day this was a struggle for him because he stayed up really late the night before. They were struggling all morning trying to keep him awake.  They got him to eat a little lunch with his classmates, then he got up from the table, found his nap mat and passed out.  His teacher told me she didn’t have to point out his mat or even rub his back to get him to sleep. That’s how exhausted he was.  The other days this week he has adjusted really well.  I think he really likes the independence and he LOVES running around his new classroom trying to keep up with the other kiddos.  He is now the youngest, but he is holding his own and seems to fit in very well.

Only one incident: Biting.  You can imagine my surprise and tinge of embarassment when I got an email from the Director that said this:

I wanted you to be aware that Donovan started biting friends this morning (just a little bit before lunch).  We have never seen this from him before, so I didn’t know if perhaps he was teething or something like that.  We have some teethers we use, and if you have any suggestions for us of things you have noticed him doing or if you’ve even seen this at home and what you have done we’d love to know.  It may just have been a one-day experiment for him, but we used the language of “No biting.  Biting is not ok” and helped him find something else to do.  Since it was close to lunch time, and perhaps he was just very hungry, I didn’t know if you had any suggestions for us of ways to help him make it until lunch was ready if it is a hunger thing.

Oh no! Not my sweet, little man!!!  I was not only surprised this happened, but a little embarassed too.  Being a parent, we always worried Donovan would be the one getting bit, not even considering that he might be the one to actually bite another kid.  He’s rarely done it at home and never to another kid.   Maybe he was just seeing what would happen if he bit one kid AND THEN ANOTHER? Maybe he was acting in self-defense (this theory I doubt since one of the bites was on the kid’s back)?  Maybe he was hungry? Overwhelmed? Who knows.  I just hope it doesn’t happen again.  We don’t want him to get suspended (do they do this at daycare?) because I know he really loves it there.  And so do we.

Donovan, please keep your hands– and teeth–to yourself.






Our Saturday adventures included a walk to campus, watching a lacrosse game, hot dogs, ice cream, and an exhausted little man.  Falling asleep sitting up in the stroller?  This was a first.