12 months old vs. 4 months old.

Wow.  Time sure flies!  And look how different yet similar he looks!  He loves swinging!

Ok, a health update.  Donovan is much better–back to normal, even–after our bout with Sick-Fest 2011.  Poor guy.  But all is well now in the Wilson household.  Back to walking around the house, acting slightly crazy, and Donovan discovering he has a tongue.  He now likes to stick it out and in of his mouth and cracks up when we do the same to him.  Why is this a big deal and why hasn’t he done this before?  He was born tongue-tied, ie: the frenulum (the thing that holds your tongue down) is closer to the front than it should be, not allowing him to really stick his tongue out very far.  Anyway, he enjoys sticking it out and we smile and encourage him, even though the doctor says we shouldn’t!  Video of this will be coming soon.

I was going to do a whole post about swinging, but something weird is happening when I upload photos, so that will need to get saved for another day.  Next post coming soon!  Have a fantastic weekend!