For the “Yum” portion of the post today:

Wednesday evening I got the hankerin’ for some bakin’.  Snickerdoodle cookies?  No.

Snickerdoodle MUFFINS!!!!!  I found this recipe a couple weeks ago and have been wanting to make them ever since.  I love me some snickerdoodle cookies, so I was instantly drawn to this recipe.  Wednesday night, after Donovan was asleep and Grant left to play in his rec. basketball league, I had a sudden burst of energy and decided to get in the kitchen, hunt down my print-out (that I misplaced), and bake.  And oooooh are they good! (note: I didn’t have enough cinnamon, so mine aren’t as brown as hers, but they still turned out delicious!)  And easy to make.  They are so versitile. The muffin identity makes it good for breakfast (an excellent pairing with a couple eggs and a cup o’ joe), and the snickerdoodle/cookie identity makes it a nice little dessert.  Me?  I had a couple at breakfast and one for dessert in the same day. 

Feel free to do the same after you make them. 

In fact, I bet money you’ll find it hard not to.

On to the “Ouch” factor.  Yesterday, I was on my way to work.  I was gathering my purse, putting on my coat when my phone rang.  It was Grant, who proceeded to tell me how drop-off at daycare went.  The conversation sounded something like this:

Grant: So after I put Donovan in the play area, he started practically running towards the bookcase and he tripped over himself and fell.

Me: Is he ok?

Grant: He hit his head on the shelf that has all the toys on it.  He was going at full speed and he hit right above his eye.

Me: Is he OK?!?

Grant: Ya, I yelled out, “Oh S**t!” and hopped the barrier to pick him up.  They grabbed some ice and put it on his head, which has a bump on it already.  He was pretty upset for a while, so I stayed until he was calmed down.  He was playing and smiling when I left. 

A traumatizing way to start the morning yesterday, that’s for sure!  I called a few hrs later to check on Donovan and they said he was playing, laughing, ate all of his morning snack and was napping.  When I picked him up after work, I expected to see a huge knot on his forehead, but there was nothing.  I had to have his teacher tell me again where he hit.  Phew.  I can only imagine how scary it must have been to see our little man face-plant into a wooden shelf at full speed and not have any control or ability to get to him before he hit.  And the other scary thing is: This won’t be the only time this will happen, I’m sure.  He’s walking now, thinking he can run, and not having the best balance yet only equals to many falls, bumps and bruises in his future.  Of course, we’ll do our best to protect him and keep him safe, catching him when he falls (if we can), but I also know this is all part of growing up.

And grown up he is.  Sort of.