Sometimes I surprise myself.  My whole adult life, when thinking of one day having a baby of my very own to cuddle with, kiss, and gently nuzzle their sweet, squishy, delicious baby fat, I don’t think I would ever prefer to kiss the back of my son’s neck.  A boney part of the body, really.  With all that baby fat, I go for the neck?!?   

Yup. The back of his neck.  I love it. 

Rubbing his eyes after just waking up from a nap.  Sleepy baby.  Besides his neck, I’m loving his crazy hair right now.  It’s so soft and curly and wild.  And it’s growing funny–full on the top, really tight curls along the bottom, with a bald ring around the middle. 

Don’t get me wrong, this kid has a great face.  But the view of his back is my favorite.  Sounds weird, I know.