February 2011

The other day I blogged from my phone. But I don’t see it here…. I see it when I go to WordPress on my phone… where is it? Floating around cyberland, I presume.

I’ll try to get the problem fixed because I need your help with something, dear readers. One word (or maybe it’s two): Baby-proofing.

Stay tuned.

Thank you, Sciarinno.  What my phone showed was published, actually wasn’t.  Here is the “lost” post.  I need some advice, readers!



I need some advice.  Our little man is all over the place–pulling himself up, crawling, and trying to walk. One of his favorite things to do is stand up at the hearth and play with his toys as if it’s a table.  We let him play there, but it makes me nervous because the hearth is slate. One little slip and he could crack his head open.  So today I took a few towels and taped them to the edges… only a temporary solution. 

Are you a parent? Do you have a fireplace? How do/did you baby proof it? It’s the one place in the house I don’t feel comfortable taking my eyes off him for one second.  Surely there’s some contraption or padding I can put on our hearth…. please tell me what it is and where I can find it!

I know every parent says this about their kid, but…. my baby is so cute!

Last week he had bread for the first time and we had to get it on video.  I think he really liked it, by the “mmmm”s we were hearing from him.  You might need to turn up your volume quite a bit to hear it.  But trust me, you’ll be happy you did!

Tilting the head back and smiling (at the very begining) makes me smile every time.  Those lips! Those cheeks!  Oh man… I love this kid.

This week, we got pounded by a snow storm.  The last few that have hit the New Englad area have stayed far enough south that we haven’t been affected.  Not this time!  We got over a foot in 24 hrs.  Grant was also traveling with the basketball team (perfect timing, right?) so it was just me and Donovan holding down the fort.


And since shoveling a foot of snow by myself would’ve been a nightmare, Grant was awesome and got our neighbor, who is also awesome and owns a plow–he agreed to do our driveway a few times during the day.  This was so great.  I was able to pull right into the garage–no muss no fuss.  Those of you not familiar with getting a ton of snow, the plows come down your street and the snow just gets shoved to the side, blocking in your driveway.  So you then have to go out and clear your entrance, then shovel the rest of your driveway.  In other words, it’s just a big pain.  Grant is great at shoveling and I love Love LOVE that he does it.  I’m a lucky woman, I tell ya!


But in the end, the snow is pretty and I don’t always mind it making an appearance.