Hooray!!!!  A post!!!! I’ve missed blogging… mostly because there has actually been quite a few things going on that I’d love to share with you, but I haven’t had the time to do it!  Reading other blogs (while at work…pumping…) I realize how much I miss mine when I don’t do it regularly!  One quick piece of big news is Donovan slept through the night last night.  Yes, the kid is almost 10 months old and yes, he should’ve been doing this for several months now right? And yes, letting him cry it out (letting him cry until he falls back to sleep) has been touch and go for a while.  And yes, I’ll post more about that later….

But this post is to show you what wonderful work my dear friend Amber does.

She has started her own photography business and I’ll tell you right now, she’s going to be very successful!  So if you’ve been wanting family photos taken but haven’t yet picked up the phone or you don’t know who to go to, book your time with her NOW before she fills up!  She was wonderful enough to take pictures of our family while we were visiting at Christmas.  Here are some more of my favorites:

There are many great shots, it was hard to pick just a few to post.  Check out her new blog and more pictures she’s taken here.

Thank you, Amber, for doing this.  I love love love the photographs and I’m so glad your talents captured this moment in our lives.  Priceless!