My sweet little man loves to stand.  Though he can’t do it by himself, he thinks he can.  He is anxious to get moving–trying to push our hands away from him when we help him stand up and walk.  Then yesterday when I picked him up from daycare, one of the teachers asked me if we had a walking toy for him yet.  To which I responded, “yes we do, but we haven’t brought it out for him.”  She said we probably should because they had him pushing around a toy on the playground by himself, while hovering behind him making sure he didn’t fall.  WHAT?!?!  HUH?!?!?

So last night, we busted out this toy, which I think is too light for his strong, sturdy body because he can practically pick the whole thing up and it doesn’t support his weight very well.  But the minute he was ready, he just about took off running (then falling, of course).  This is one determined dude.  Check out the video I took as proof that our 8 month old is ready to take on the world, one step at a time!  Oh, and this was the same day he got his second flu shot and didn’t even flinch or cry.  I thought his leg where he received the shot would’ve been too sore for this kind of activity, but he proved me wrong.  Amazing, mutant child?  Quite possibly….