November 2010


I hope you were able to take a moment yesterday to appreciate all that you are thankful for. Although I have so much…this year, this little guy is at the top of my “thankful”  list of 2010. 

What all are you thankful for?



I can’t believe how quickly 3 months passes. August–November we have seen Donovan change so much.

Posts like this help me to see the sweet little man he is…especially right now, since I’m posting at 11:23 pm from bed and already it’s the 3rd time he has woken up (not a good sign for the hours ahead). Grant is trying to get him back down right now…. Go to sleep little man!

It’s amazing how now that he is pretty much sleeping through the night (he still usually wakes up once) that when he doesn’t sleep well, it’s almost torture?  I went for almost a whole year without sleeping well each night–including the last 6 months I was pregnant and was so stuffed up I couldn’t breathe (remember those posts?!?)–and the 6 months of having Baby waking up–that now I know I shouldn’t complain when he has a “bad” night… so I’m going to stop and be quiet now.

Back to the reason of this post… isn’t Donovan a cutie!?!

Halloween 2010 actually began last October–I was in my second trimester and was searching for baby necessities online at  While clicking on various types of cribs, sheets, nursery decor, etc, another column on the left hand side of the page was whispering to me, “Psst! Ceara! Click here! Click here!” I couldn’t resist: Halloween Costumes.  There, I found some of the cutest ideas for our little baby.  A pea pod?  A whoopie cushion? None seemed good enough, until I came across this:

A tootsie roll?!?!?! PERFECT!!!!  Our little chocolate baby as a piece of chocolate?!  It couldn’t get any better!!  I never ordered it when I first saw it, like I said I would, and 2009 turned into 2010, we had a baby and October was suddenly upon us again!  Yikes, I need to buy his costume!  Thank you, for having exactly what I needed.  And when it came in the mail on Thursday (cutting it close, I know) I was so thrilled that it fit, despite some of the costumer reviews that had me more than a little nervous.  From the moment I put it on him, he didn’t seem to mind–it was just another outfit to him. 

Friday, his daycare had a Halloween celebration in addition to a mini-parade they went on throughout their building.  When I showed up, my little man was dressed, but very sleepy, so when I set him down to take his picture, I got this:

That’s one pissed off tootsie roll!  Once I picked him up, he was his normal, calm, cute self again.  I guess he just needed his mommy.

Halloween itself was not terribly eventful.  We went to the first men’s basketball game of the season and afterwards met some friends for drinks.  The whole day, Donovan was in his costume.  All in all, it was pretty great.  Now I need to start thinking about his costume for next year, where trick-or-treating is a MUST!  Any ideas?