Finally, I know.  Here is my happy little man–this is the video I tried posting before.  I’m calling it “Donovan: Smooth Criminal.”  Those of you who have seen Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal music video will know the connection (and who hasn’t??!??!?).

This one was taken a couple weeks ago.  We’ve noticed that Donovan loves getting startled. If you just say the word “Boo!” he cracks up laughing.  So this is what went down when Grant was actually taking him by surprise. 

I LOVE his laugh.  It cracks me up every time!

This video is one of my favorites. Grant was getting him ready for school the other day and had just put his pants on, when from the other room I hear him calling him a mini Bruce Lee.  Then Grant brings him into the bathroom where I’m getting ready for work and proceeds to give me a type of karate lesson.  Ha ha!

(Sorry it’s sideways!)