Sometimes I wonder where I get so much energy, especially with a baby (that’s still not sleeping through the night), working full time, and doing the usual household stuff. But today I had a lot of energy, despite all of those things.  My day consisted of:

*Waking up just before 6am to tend to Donovan.  Thankfully Grant got up at that time and kept him entertained while I slept another hour.
*Went to an 8 am doctors appointment.
*Went for a walk with Donovan.  We walked to the mall and looked around before he started getting fussy and heading back home. He ended up falling asleep on the walk back. I took my time walking home because it was so nice out!
*Watched some football. 
*Sorted Donovan’s clothes. I weeded out what he can’t wear anymore and also put away his summer clothes. I fished out his new fall clothes… size 6/6-9 month!!! I can’t believe it.
*Gave little man a bath and tried feeding him some rice cereal. He ate a little but was tired so I nursed him and put him to bed.
*Made dinner.  Mmmm… soft tacos.
*Made dessert. Mmmm… peanut butter honey cookies.

Phew! I wasn’t exhausted until making this list! What a busy, but wonderful day! I hope your Saturday was good, too!