September 2010

Here we are playing with Donovan.  He was so happy and smiley all night!

Ok… I tried uploading a video straight from my phone and clearly it didn’t work… I’ll try to get it up asap!


Sometimes I wonder where I get so much energy, especially with a baby (that’s still not sleeping through the night), working full time, and doing the usual household stuff. But today I had a lot of energy, despite all of those things.  My day consisted of:

*Waking up just before 6am to tend to Donovan.  Thankfully Grant got up at that time and kept him entertained while I slept another hour.
*Went to an 8 am doctors appointment.
*Went for a walk with Donovan.  We walked to the mall and looked around before he started getting fussy and heading back home. He ended up falling asleep on the walk back. I took my time walking home because it was so nice out!
*Watched some football. 
*Sorted Donovan’s clothes. I weeded out what he can’t wear anymore and also put away his summer clothes. I fished out his new fall clothes… size 6/6-9 month!!! I can’t believe it.
*Gave little man a bath and tried feeding him some rice cereal. He ate a little but was tired so I nursed him and put him to bed.
*Made dinner.  Mmmm… soft tacos.
*Made dessert. Mmmm… peanut butter honey cookies.

Phew! I wasn’t exhausted until making this list! What a busy, but wonderful day! I hope your Saturday was good, too!



About a month ago, I got a new cell phone–the Droid. I’ve been wanting a new one for a long time because my old school flip phone just wasn’t cuttin’ it. I felt so behind the times not having a smartphone and was so excited once my upgrade was available. So to put it to the test, I’m writing my first post from my new phone (which I love, by the way)!

Things that are new in my life are as follows:
-I go back to work full time starting tomorrow.
-We are introducing rice cereal to Donovan in hopes that it will help keep him full enough to sleep through the night.
-The neighbor across the street started getting a tree cut down and the tree trimmer fell from the top. Rumor has it they weren’t contracted to do the work but have decided to sue the homeowner. The trimmer broke his neck, back, and a few other body parts but will be ok.
-My mom might be retiring in January.
-Next month we will be going to Notre Dame for a football game. I can’t wait!

That’s it for now. More to come!