The heat continues…. today is day 6 of this heat wave.  But there was a little more to blog about besides just the heat (though it will get mentioned a lot in this post).  First off, our friend Allison celebrated her 40th birthday.  Her husband, Dan, surprised her with a party after their dinner date on Monday.  She had no idea– it was great.

While we were there, she introduced Donovan to a pool for the first time.  She just put his feet in and he was a little unsure at first–

His hands are always in a fist, this kid!

We didn’t stay too long… once the sun went down, the mosquitos came out in full force!  And we came home to this–

Which lead to the jacked-up installation of this–

But I can explain.  This window unit came with the house.  Neither of us have ever used one before and we thought all you had to do was remove the screen and stick it in the window.  What we didn’t know was that you are supposed to fasten it down with hardware that apparently the previous owners took with them when they moved.  And going another night without air conditioning was NOT an option.  Donovan was doing what he could to stay cool–

Another way we were trying to stay cool was visiting Allison and her pool. This time, Donovan got all the way in.  Allison bought a little floaty for him, but he doesn’t quite fit it yet.

I forgot his little hat so I improvised and put his shorts on his head. Ha ha!  Allison lent him her hat instead–

He didn’t cry at all, but I think all the floating wore him out!

So Allison and I laid out in the sun while he slept.  And when he woke up, he was a happy man–

While were were there, Donovan rediscovered he had a thumb–

Grant wasn’t too thrilled with it at first, but I was a thumb-sucker and I think I turned out ok.  It’s been a hot few days, but the heat is supposed to break this weekend.  And now that our house has cooled down, I think we’ll survive.