Man, it is HOT!!!  It’s been in the 80’s the last few days, but starting today and lasting all week, we’re in the 90’s!!!  And we are doing everything to try to stay cool.  This means–tank top and shorts for Donovan—

On Saturday, we went down to the waterfront to watch the big fireworks show–Burlington puts on the show on July 3rd so the other smaller cities and towns in Vermont can have their shows on the 4th.  I was a little worried about going this year with Donovan, just because I didn’t feel like dealing with the crowds and trying to find a good place to watch the fireworks, but we lucked out.  One of the women’s basketball players works for the parks and rec department (who put on the show) and put our names on the V.I.P. list to watch from the Children’s Echo Center, which is right on the lake.  Some bonuses: we were garaunteed a place to watch, appetizers were served, and AIR CONDITIONING.  It was perfect.

We had a good view of the lake—

Once the fireworks started, Donovan did pretty well, except I forgot how loud they can be!  I ended up covering his ears because I was worried about it.  At one point, he wanted to see what we were all looking at, so he started watching the fireworks… then he got startled by a few.  That’s when we decided to watch the rest of the show inside and he fell asleep.  For the 4th, we just stuck around the house, watched a movie, and grilled some burgers and hot dogs.  It was nice.  Today I braved the heat and washed my car.  I was going to give Allison a call and see if I could come over to use her pool, but I got caught up and the afternoon got away from me.  It was bath day for Donovan, so after I washed my car, I washed my kid.  He was so happy afterwards, I had to get a bunch of pictures—

We have plans for tonight, but I can’t post about it now… it’s a surprise!  Stay tuned!