Things have been just rolling along.  Grant celebrated his first father’s day–we went to church, hung around the house, and when I ask Grant where he wanted to go to dinner, he said he just wanted to grab some Subway.  So it was a pretty laid back, easy going Sunday.

A few weeks ago, my department hired a new athletic trainer, and while he and his wife were in town house-hunting, we met them, along with Allison and her husband Dan, for dinner.  It was the same night as the last day of the Burlington Jazz Festival, so downtown was packed!  The restaurant had some entertainment, which was really great.  It was a 5-person band and their music was a mix of bluegrass and jazz with African drums thrown in… really cool.  I was nervous about Donovan because our table was right by the speakers.  He had a little hat that I could pull down over his ears, but I was still worried about it being so loud, so I kept his head laying on my chest and used my hand to cover his ear. A woman who was with the band saw me and offered me some baby earplugs, to which I happily accepted!  I think Donovan really liked the music and seeing all the people.

Donovan is getting so big and growing up so fast.  He is officially 3 months old, which I can’t believe, and he is changing every day.  He has discovered his fist, and what fun it is to suck on.  He will just be minding his own business, notice his fist is there, and try to shove the whole thing in his mouth and suck on it–very loudly!  He likes his rattles now, and can hold them himself–

And he is learning to sit up–

I’m not sure if he’s a fan of the Bumbo seat, but we like it…

He’s laughing more often and easier now, which I LOVE.  It is just the best sound ever.  We’ll get him on video laughing and I’ll post it.  He’s just the best and I love him so much!