July 2010

Last week we had a wonderful visit with Kristin and Athena.  For those of you who don’t know, I met Kristin my freshman year of college, and Athena and I have known each other almost our whole lives.  While going to U of O, the 3 of us were practically inseparable.  So every time we get together now that I don’t live in Oregon anymore, it’s non-stop chatting and catching up.  I’m going to try to do a quick re-cap of our short time together.

We went to watch Grant play basketball, in the gym that must have been about 90* or hotter–it was hot the whole time they were here–and the gym didn’t have a.c. 

We toured the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory.  Which really wasn’t much of a tour, it was “look at the factory through this window.”  But we DID get plenty of free samples! Yum!

We went up to Jay Peak, a ski resort.  They were having a dinner special: all you can eat bbq buffet, s’mores, and a ride on the tram.  How could we pass that up?  Athena and Kristin had the job of keeping Donovan occupied for the hour car ride.

It was Donovan AND Grant’s first time on a tram!

It was pretty cloudy and windy at the top, but still pretty cool!

The food was great and Donovan got his first s’mores.

See Donovan, this is how you do it…

The next day, Grant started a project with Dan–building a deck off our basement. 

To thank Dan, we cooked!  We grilled some steaks, burgers and chicken.  We also invited Vivian, Hajj and Cairo over too.  It was the first time Donovan saw Cairo awake—

You’re awake?!

What’s his problem?!

Oh Donovan, it’s ok!

We had a great visit with Athena and Kristin and they had a great time meeting Donovan. 

I feel so fortunate to have such wonderful friends.  I don’t know what I’d do without them!

He loves lounging with his daddy.  When I took the picture (below), Grant sat him on his lap and Donovan immediately kicked his leg up on top of his.  It was so cute!

Can’t get enough of these feet!

Sometimes I can’t tell who Donovan looks more like, but in this picture he looks a lot like Grant!  Yesterday he wasn’t really napping–he took a few short, 15 minute naps in the afternoon instead of his usual 2-3 hour long nap.  One of the times he went down, I decided to put him in his crib for the first time.  He is now up to 15 lbs, which is too heavy for his bassinet, so we’re needing a new place to put him, and so far the pack and play isn’t doing it.

He loves to scratch and rub the right side of his head when he sleeps–don’t know what that’s all about, but it’s still pretty cute.

The heat continues…. today is day 6 of this heat wave.  But there was a little more to blog about besides just the heat (though it will get mentioned a lot in this post).  First off, our friend Allison celebrated her 40th birthday.  Her husband, Dan, surprised her with a party after their dinner date on Monday.  She had no idea– it was great.

While we were there, she introduced Donovan to a pool for the first time.  She just put his feet in and he was a little unsure at first–

His hands are always in a fist, this kid!

We didn’t stay too long… once the sun went down, the mosquitos came out in full force!  And we came home to this–

Which lead to the jacked-up installation of this–

But I can explain.  This window unit came with the house.  Neither of us have ever used one before and we thought all you had to do was remove the screen and stick it in the window.  What we didn’t know was that you are supposed to fasten it down with hardware that apparently the previous owners took with them when they moved.  And going another night without air conditioning was NOT an option.  Donovan was doing what he could to stay cool–

Another way we were trying to stay cool was visiting Allison and her pool. This time, Donovan got all the way in.  Allison bought a little floaty for him, but he doesn’t quite fit it yet.

I forgot his little hat so I improvised and put his shorts on his head. Ha ha!  Allison lent him her hat instead–

He didn’t cry at all, but I think all the floating wore him out!

So Allison and I laid out in the sun while he slept.  And when he woke up, he was a happy man–

While were were there, Donovan rediscovered he had a thumb–

Grant wasn’t too thrilled with it at first, but I was a thumb-sucker and I think I turned out ok.  It’s been a hot few days, but the heat is supposed to break this weekend.  And now that our house has cooled down, I think we’ll survive.

Man, it is HOT!!!  It’s been in the 80’s the last few days, but starting today and lasting all week, we’re in the 90’s!!!  And we are doing everything to try to stay cool.  This means–tank top and shorts for Donovan—

On Saturday, we went down to the waterfront to watch the big fireworks show–Burlington puts on the show on July 3rd so the other smaller cities and towns in Vermont can have their shows on the 4th.  I was a little worried about going this year with Donovan, just because I didn’t feel like dealing with the crowds and trying to find a good place to watch the fireworks, but we lucked out.  One of the women’s basketball players works for the parks and rec department (who put on the show) and put our names on the V.I.P. list to watch from the Children’s Echo Center, which is right on the lake.  Some bonuses: we were garaunteed a place to watch, appetizers were served, and AIR CONDITIONING.  It was perfect.

We had a good view of the lake—

Once the fireworks started, Donovan did pretty well, except I forgot how loud they can be!  I ended up covering his ears because I was worried about it.  At one point, he wanted to see what we were all looking at, so he started watching the fireworks… then he got startled by a few.  That’s when we decided to watch the rest of the show inside and he fell asleep.  For the 4th, we just stuck around the house, watched a movie, and grilled some burgers and hot dogs.  It was nice.  Today I braved the heat and washed my car.  I was going to give Allison a call and see if I could come over to use her pool, but I got caught up and the afternoon got away from me.  It was bath day for Donovan, so after I washed my car, I washed my kid.  He was so happy afterwards, I had to get a bunch of pictures—

We have plans for tonight, but I can’t post about it now… it’s a surprise!  Stay tuned!

Things have been just rolling along.  Grant celebrated his first father’s day–we went to church, hung around the house, and when I ask Grant where he wanted to go to dinner, he said he just wanted to grab some Subway.  So it was a pretty laid back, easy going Sunday.

A few weeks ago, my department hired a new athletic trainer, and while he and his wife were in town house-hunting, we met them, along with Allison and her husband Dan, for dinner.  It was the same night as the last day of the Burlington Jazz Festival, so downtown was packed!  The restaurant had some entertainment, which was really great.  It was a 5-person band and their music was a mix of bluegrass and jazz with African drums thrown in… really cool.  I was nervous about Donovan because our table was right by the speakers.  He had a little hat that I could pull down over his ears, but I was still worried about it being so loud, so I kept his head laying on my chest and used my hand to cover his ear. A woman who was with the band saw me and offered me some baby earplugs, to which I happily accepted!  I think Donovan really liked the music and seeing all the people.

Donovan is getting so big and growing up so fast.  He is officially 3 months old, which I can’t believe, and he is changing every day.  He has discovered his fist, and what fun it is to suck on.  He will just be minding his own business, notice his fist is there, and try to shove the whole thing in his mouth and suck on it–very loudly!  He likes his rattles now, and can hold them himself–

And he is learning to sit up–

I’m not sure if he’s a fan of the Bumbo seat, but we like it…

He’s laughing more often and easier now, which I LOVE.  It is just the best sound ever.  We’ll get him on video laughing and I’ll post it.  He’s just the best and I love him so much!