Good news was given to us via text message this morning.  Vivian and Hajj welcomed their new baby girl! Her name is Cairo Hunter Turner, 7 lbs 2 oz, 20″ long.  Almost exactly the same stats as Donovan (he was 7 lbs 3 oz and 21″ long).  Kinda crazy to me since Vivian is so much taller than I am.  Vivian wasn’t due for another 7 days, but much like Donovan, she was ready to come into this world early!  I don’t have any other information right now, other than they got to the hospital at 7:30 am and Cairo was born at 8–yikes!  Once they are ready for visitors, I’ll get all the details and fill you in. Welcome to the world, Cairo!  Donovan can’t wait to meet his new friend!


In other news, I was reading some old entries from my blog dated soon after Donovan was born.  Of course, he’s changed so much since then, but one thing stuck out at me–I said I was surprised he only ate for 15 minutes during one of his middle of the night feedings.  Now, I’d say 5 nights out of the week he falls right back to sleep after nursing for only 2-3 minutes on one side!  I have to do everything from running my fingers up and down his spine, to tickling his neck to get him to wake back up so he can relieve my other side.  There have been a few nights I’ve had to pump to get some relief because no matter what I did, he still wouldn’t wake up.  Now, this last week or so he has been better (more hungry) and has been eating from both sides.  One night he was up every 2 hours to eat–something he’s only done MAYBE once before and I have to say–those of you moms who did this with your baby?  You need an award.  I’ve been so blessed to have a baby that loves to sleep that after the night he was up every 2 hours, I couldn’t imagine doing that day after day.  But when Donovan is up, he loves to eat.  And he has the thighs to prove it!

He is such a happy baby.  The other night, he laughed for the first time!  He was kind of cranky and I started playing peek-a-boo with him.  He started to smile and eventually let out a good belly laugh.  It was the best sound I’ve ever heard! Of course, now we’re trying to get him to laugh all the time, but have yet to hear it again.  Wait! I stand corrected–Donovan is sleeping on Grant’s chest and just started talking in his sleep and then let out a laugh! He must be having a good dream! If only we could get him to laugh all the time so we could get it on video.  One of these days we will and I’ll post it.  We’ll just have to settle with his smiles!