May 2010

It’s been what seems like FOREVER since I’ve posted anything… maybe because it has!  Donovan is sleeping and Grant is home right now, so I’m taking this opportunity (instead of putting away the laundry) to blog about what’s been happening lately.  And a lot has been happening!

First off, I finished the nursery–pretty much.  There are still some photographs I need to get framed and hung on the walls, but I had to get things cleaned out and ready because it was going to get used.  Not by Donovan, but by Tuesday!  Yes, Amber and Tuesday came for a visit (more on that later in this post).

That framed watercolor on the wall used to hang in my bedroom when I was little.  I asked my mom if I could have it for Donovan’s room and she sent it to me for my birthday.  I love it.

Since my last post, I also got to celebrate my first mother’s day.  I love being a mom and feel fortunate to have this time off of work to spend my days with Donovan–he really is just the sweetest, happiest, yummiest baby ever.  It will be tough to go back to work full time in the fall–but I’m trying not to think about that yet!  On mother’s day, I got out of the shower to find a nice surprise–

I got a sweet card from my sweet boy and one also from my sweet husband.  It was a low-key day (just how I like it) that included going out to dinner.  Aside from the snow that fell (yes, it snowed!) it was a nice day.

More recently, Amber and Tuesday came to meet Donovan.  They all got along very well!

When we took Donovan away from Tuesday, she went from a happy girl to this–

Yikes!  But I know how she feels… I think that’s what Amber and I look like whenever we have to say goodbye to each other!  For real, it’s not pretty!  We had a good visit and of course, the time flew by too fast.

When my mom was here in April, she said Donovan sucked his thumb for a good 2 minutes when I was in the shower.  I have yet to see him do it until a few days ago…

He doesn’t have the best form yet, but I’m sure he’ll perfect it in no time.  Although, he has yet to suck it since then…

So my days have been baby-filled, which has made blogging a little more difficult than I anticipated, but I’m going to try to stay on top of it better from now on.  Donovan sleeps a lot during the day, but they are short naps–usually an hour or less–and I always try to load the dishwasher, start some laundry, or take a shower during those naps. But I’m going to try to blog more often.  Speaking of napping, yesterday I couldn’t resist snapping a couple of my little man–

Yup! Definitely the yummiest baby ever!

Yesterday was a long day for little Donovan.  Things were pretty much normal until after his lunch-time feeding.  Since I was feeling a little better than the day before, we went to visit Grant at work around 2:30.  Since Donovan just ate, I fully expected him to fall asleep in the car on the way over like he always does–even though it’s just a 10 minute car ride.  But when we got there, he was fully awake.  Not fussy (thank goodness), but just awake and checking things out.  Grant decided he needed help getting some work done.

On the way home, he fell asleep and stayed asleep in his carseat for about 20 minutes after we got home.  Then he stayed awake.  And awake.  And awake.  After eating two or three times, my son was still up!!!  A first, for sure. By 10:45 pm he was fighting it big time!

Grant was exhausted too, but this kid was determined to stay up.

Sucking on Grant’s finger did the trick (we’re trying not to use pacifiers) because he finally was out!

Donovan slept so good last night, waking at his normal times to eat (3:00 am and 7:00 am).  I feel very fortunate to have a baby that loves to sleep and who really only wakes up once in the middle of the night.  Here’s hoping it continues!!

I woke up this morning after a semi-rough night of feeding and changing a leaky diaper to a cold.  Ugh.  Not what I wanted on a day that is so nice and sunny.  Donovan and I stayed in most of the day and napped together.  He’s such a good little man.

Ugh, he’s so cute!

This weekend, the Wilson family went out and about. But before I tell you about that, let me show you how agile my son is.  When put down for a nap, that’s the time I can take a shower, clean up around the house, do laundry, etc.  The other day he was sound asleep, so I seized the opportunity to jump in the shower.  By the time I was dressed, hair and makeup was done, I came back out to the living room to see my baby waking up–and somewhat crawling!

Ok, he was still kind of half asleep and not really crawling, but he was wiggling his way off the blanket little by little. To give you some frame of reference, he was in the middle of that blanket when I left him.

He’s getting some good tummy time, I figure, but once he makes this face I pick him up because I can’t stand seeing him squirm like that anymore–plus, he looked pretty pissed.  We guess at this pace, he’ll be walking by 3 months…

On Saturday, the city put on a mini-parade for the basketball teams and men’s hockeyfor making their conference tournament this year.  And by mini-parade, I mean they just went up Church Street.

I tried to get Grant on the zamboni with the rest of the basketball team, but he wouldn’t.

After grabbing some lunch, we went to a lacrosse game.  Allison’s husband, Dan, coaches at one of the high schools. That’s him on the far right:

Donovan napped through the whole game.

Afterwards, we went to a friend’s house for dinner, along with Allison and her family.  Allison LOVES our little one!

On Sunday, we went to church and then ran errands. Grant later mowed the lawn while I tended to Donovan.  It was a pretty busy, but nice weekend.  It’s also been really warm–around 80*–which shows us that summer is coming (despite the snow we got last week).