While Donovan is taking a nap, I figure: What a good time to update my blog!  First, to brag about my son’s sleeping habits for a moment— yesterday evening, he stayed awake for about 4 hrs straight (unheard of since he came into this world), and by 10:30 pm he was hungry-AGAIN- and exhausted from fussing.  So I fed him (for the 3rd time in this 4 hr awake period) and he finally fell asleep.  He stayed asleep until 2:45 am–I nursed him until he fell asleep again at 3 am (what? you’re done after only 15 minutes?!), then woke up to eat again at 6 am.  Grant was soon up and getting ready for work, but Donovan and I stayed in bed and nursed, fell asleep, then he nursed again at 8.  By 9 am we were up and starting our day.  I love my good little sleeper!!!

Ok, my best friend Amber has been more than generous with her gifts to us in preparation of having our baby as well as generous to Donovan once he arrived. 

One wonderful gift being this cute knitted hat!  Amber is so talented with her knitting/sewing/scrapbooking/painting/etc (and I am sooo not! I can’t praise her enough!) that receiving this hand-made gift is extra special.

I think my sweet little man loves it!  And he needed it yesterday, as my front yard looked like this:

Ya, we got a couple inches of snow.  Need I remind you that it’s April?  Moving on…

More pictures of Donovan…. Grant loves playing with him.  Even though Donovan can’t play back and is really more like a little toy Grant can manipulate and do with whatever he pleases– isn’t this one of the best things dads are for?  It’s so cute seeing the two of them together:

Even if it is in the middle of dinner…