This weekend was a busy one–another one full of basketball!  First, on Saturday morning I had baby shower #2.  Kristen, from my church, threw a wonderful brunch/shower.  It was jungle-themed, complete with food from monkey bread to animal crackers, and games–one where we had to match the animal to their gestation period (I only got 3 right! Arg), and a guessing game–one where each table had a glass that included a little water, and an ice cube with a little animal frozen inside and we had to guess at what time the animal would be “born.”  The women offered me great motherly advice, along with a bible verse that they feel is inspiring or helpful during tough times.  I didn’t get many pictures because I was chatting with everyone, eating, and opening gifts, but this is one I did capture:

A diaper “cake” with the cutest hula monkey balloon! And Kristen was very sweet about keeping the activities moving because there was a basketball game at noon I was going to.  It was the conference championship game–if we won, we would automatically get to go to the NCAA tournament (March Madness) and had been the talk of the city for the last week.  We finished up in plenty of time for me to get to the game, and guess what? We won!

Fans rushed the court.  It was the best game of the year! Grant got to take part in the “cutting down part of the net” ritual.

This will be Grant’s first trip to the tournament, and the first in 5 years for UVM. Grant is pretty excited!

This is a picture of Hajj (one of the assistant coaches) and his wife Vivian, my fellow basketball pregnant buddy.

The next day was selection Sunday–where we find out who we are playing and where.  We met the team at a local bar/restaurant called The Upper Deck and it was packed! Every news station was there, the newspaper, almost everyone in the athletic department and fans.

At one point, I went to the bar to get a glass of water and a couple next to me said:

Him: This is pretty exciting, huh?

Me: Ya, it is

Him: We are from the Northern Kingdom (ie: the upper boondocks of Vermont) and we just decided to come down for the day.

Me: Oh?

His wife: Ya, this is pretty crazy.  I mean, we were just watching these guys playing on tv yesterday and now here they are in real life!!!

I guess they don’t really get out much!  Anyway, we found out who we’re playing:

Syracuse.  The last time we went to the tournament, we played Syracuse (and won), and this time, one of our players–Maurice Joseph (aka MoJo)– his younger brother plays for Syracuse.  So if you ask me, it’s all about the stories that will come from this matchup, not that we really should be playing Syracuse.  Oh well.  Maybe they’ll play, UVM will lose, then the season will be over and Grant will be done! (which would be especially nice so he’ll be around in case I go into labor!!).  It’s all been very exciting these last few days, I can tell you that much!

In baby news, I’m officially full term today, at 37 weeks!  I have exactly 3 weeks until my actual due date, but if the baby comes anytime before then, he/she should be able to thrive and not have to go to the NICU.  I’m hoping this baby comes either right on time or a little late–NOT EARLY–but of course, I have no control over that.  We are very excited to meet our little one, but I want to bank as much sick time as possible!  Stay in there a little while longer, Jebediah!