On Monday, we got our second opinion about the furnace situation from a heating and cooling company.  Turns out, we don’t need a new furnace!  When we got back from basketball this weekend, the rug next to the system wasn’t wet.  Apparently, the flush to the system that the previous guy gave it is all it needed and it isn’t leaking anymore.  He said if we wanted a more energy efficient system, getting a new one now, especially with the tax incentives this year would be a good idea, but not necessary.  He also said our furnace has about another 5 years on it, so we’re going to stick with it for a little while longer.  Hooray!!

On Tuesday, I got my last ultrasound.  Unfortunately, Grant couldn’t come because they moved practice to first thing in the morning–usually they practice in the afternoons or evenings, but they could move it because it is spring break this week.  So it sucked that he couldn’t come, but I did get a good picture of a close up of his/her face!  And most importantly, Jebediah is perfectly healthy!  Can you see our little one’s face?

Our task tonight: meeting with a potential pediatrician.  Time to get all these last details wrapped up before baby comes!

Today, since Grant didn’t have to go in to work until later, he tackled one of our home improvement projects: painting the cement slab in our basement to somewhat match the carpet–our temporary fix until we get new carpet throughout the basement.  He sent me this photo from his phone:

I gotta say, it looks much better this tan color than the brick red it used to be!!  I love it when things go well!