Let me start off by saying, I had a very nice weekend, even though it started out a little rough.  On Saturday, I hooked up with my friend Vivian and we drove to Connecticut to watch UVM’s men’s basketball team in the America East quarter finals.  Vivian is pregnant also (10 weeks behind me) and her husband is one of the assistant coaches.  We’ve become fast friends, discussing all kinds of pregnancy stuff, sitting next to each other at games, and hanging out when our husbands are on the road with the team.  Vivian picked me up Saturday morning and we drove to this little town in Vermont called Mancester Center, which was pretty much on the way, so she could return a purse. Mancester Center has an outlet mall with stores that range from Yankee Candle and Gymboree to Coach, Burberry, and Armani.  But about 30 minutes into our trip, I wasn’t feeling so good but I thought I could stick it out and just crack the window and I’d be fine. Not the case. Vivian had to make a quick turn into someone’s driveway off the little road we were on so I could throw up.  This surprised her just as much as it did me!  I felt totally fine all morning, so I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy that has suddenly made me extra sensitive to movement?  A little while later while on the freeway we had to make a second stop for me to do the same thing again.  Ugh, I felt awful.  But we made it to Hartford in time to check into the hotel (where the team was staying), get a little rest, eat a little something and head to the game.

Our seats were originally right behind the basket on the bleachers, but we were eyeing the section diagonal from us, which had cushions and seat backs and it wasn’t full of people.  So during one of the timeouts, we went and sat over there.  We were two happy pregnant ladies! And hey, it gave me a better view of Grant Wilson!

Good thing because he ended up having to put in a little extra work when one of our guys got hit in the eye.

We won this game, which meant we got to stay and play one more team the next day. Sunday was reserved for me to sleep in, eat, watch tv, relax, go with the men’s team to watch our women’s team play (they won), eat, nap, watch Grant tape a few of our guy’s ankles in our room, and meet up with Vivian to head to the game. We won our game, which means all we have to do is win the conference championship game this Saturday (at UVM) to get into the NCAA tournament!!  (Yes, Amber, that’s that March Madness thing you keep hearing about).  The game got over after 9:30 pm and Vivian’s husband agreed to drive home with her and I rode on the bus with Grant and the team in hopes of not having a repeat vomit incident. And I didn’t!  Plus I slept a little bit, but it was hard to get comfortable–my tailbone had been hurting from sitting all weekend.  But it was nice to not have to ride in a car and to be able to be with Grant Wilson.  We got home about 2:45 am and went straight to bed, and though I had to go to work the next day, I went in a couple hours late so I could get a little sleep.  I made it the whole day not falling asleep at my desk and dinner that night was Burger King.  So dispite a few hiccups, it was a nice weekend with good basketball and great company!