Pictures first.  This is our furnace (top to bottom)

Yes, it’s ancient. Yes, it’s original to the house (circa 1974). And yes, it’s broken.  UGH! The past week, whenever the heat turned on, we could hear this gurgling noise coming through the registers. “Grant, do you hear that?!” “Ya, it always sounds like that,” he said. “No it hasn’t. I don’t think that’s normal.” A few days go by and while getting ready for work, I notice that the thermostat isn’t showing the normal morning high of 65*, it’s showing 61* but it says the heat is on.  This prompted Grant to call the gas company, who came out and looked at our furnace.  They said we probably had a leak somewhere that was causing air to get into the pipes, which made that gurgling noise. He said we had to call a plumber.  A plumber? For a furnace problem?  I guess, since plumbers deal with pipes–and you can see by our unit, we have plenty of those!  AND, all this time, I thought we had gas running through those pipes to heat the house. Turns out, the gas heats up the hot water and water is running through the pipes.  I guess I should’ve paid closer attention to these sorts of things when we bought the house.

Anyway, there’s a leak and they suggested we buy a whole new system–one that is more energy efficient and doesn’t require all those pipes you see in the pictures.  I guess just fixing the leak isn’t really an option, but we are going to get a second opinion before we move forward.  Glad it’s not the middle of winter here in Vermont! The weather has been pretty good–sunny, highs in the upper 30s, some days getting into the 40s.  Spring is on the way! And if we didn’t have a baby on the way too, I’d say let’s save up and wait to get it taken care of in the summer. But it’s looking like this is where our tax refund is going this year.  Say it once more with me: Ugh!