March 2010

I haven’t posted anything recently because it seems nothing new has happened!  Thankfully (secretly), UVM lost to Syracuse in the first round, so Grant is done with the season and therefore, done with traveling.  He has been around all week, which is wonderful–he’s home by 6, we eat dinner together, and most importantly, he’s there to carry heavy objects or help me up off the couch! Ha ha! 

We’ve been prepping for baby… washing all the clothes and blankets, got a glider chair for the nursery, and I’ve been slowly writing up Thank You notes to everyone who’s been so generous showering us with baby stuff!  Note to self: those HAVE to go out in the mail this weekend!!!!  I had another doctor’s appointment this morning–things are still looking good!  I lost 1/2 lb since last week (now I don’t feel so guilty eating that Big Mac, fries and 2 apple pies from McDonalds!)and have dialated to 1cm.  Next week is my last week of work before the baby comes, and every day I’m more and more ready to be done.  Even though I’m sitting most of the day, it’s still exhausting having to keep up with the daily grind when most of the time my body is begging me to lay down, rest, and take it easy.  Just another reason why I hope this baby comes right on time or just a couple days late so I have the opportunity to rest and relax before the big day.

Oh ya, and today is my birthday!  I’m not sure how we’re going to celebrate it yet (going out to dinner? Grant making dinner?), but this morning Grant gave me the sweetest birthday card, complete with a Happy Birthday shout out from Jebediah.  My co-workers brought in special yummy treats, and I’m having a good hair day.  What more could a girl want?

Yesterday after work I sped (as safely as possible) to Beltrami Studios to pick up my baby belly photos that were taken a few weeks ago.  And I have to say, I love love love them!  And yes, since our scanner is still broken, I did my best in taking pictures of the pictures (ghetto, I know…but hey, it works for now!).  

This one is an 8×10 photo and is my favorite.  We’re going to frame it and hang it in the baby’s room.

These other two are 4×5

I love these!  And we get another session with the baby upon his/her arrival.  Those photos will be of all 3 of us and I can’t wait!

This weekend was a busy one–another one full of basketball!  First, on Saturday morning I had baby shower #2.  Kristen, from my church, threw a wonderful brunch/shower.  It was jungle-themed, complete with food from monkey bread to animal crackers, and games–one where we had to match the animal to their gestation period (I only got 3 right! Arg), and a guessing game–one where each table had a glass that included a little water, and an ice cube with a little animal frozen inside and we had to guess at what time the animal would be “born.”  The women offered me great motherly advice, along with a bible verse that they feel is inspiring or helpful during tough times.  I didn’t get many pictures because I was chatting with everyone, eating, and opening gifts, but this is one I did capture:

A diaper “cake” with the cutest hula monkey balloon! And Kristen was very sweet about keeping the activities moving because there was a basketball game at noon I was going to.  It was the conference championship game–if we won, we would automatically get to go to the NCAA tournament (March Madness) and had been the talk of the city for the last week.  We finished up in plenty of time for me to get to the game, and guess what? We won!

Fans rushed the court.  It was the best game of the year! Grant got to take part in the “cutting down part of the net” ritual.

This will be Grant’s first trip to the tournament, and the first in 5 years for UVM. Grant is pretty excited!

This is a picture of Hajj (one of the assistant coaches) and his wife Vivian, my fellow basketball pregnant buddy.

The next day was selection Sunday–where we find out who we are playing and where.  We met the team at a local bar/restaurant called The Upper Deck and it was packed! Every news station was there, the newspaper, almost everyone in the athletic department and fans.

At one point, I went to the bar to get a glass of water and a couple next to me said:

Him: This is pretty exciting, huh?

Me: Ya, it is

Him: We are from the Northern Kingdom (ie: the upper boondocks of Vermont) and we just decided to come down for the day.

Me: Oh?

His wife: Ya, this is pretty crazy.  I mean, we were just watching these guys playing on tv yesterday and now here they are in real life!!!

I guess they don’t really get out much!  Anyway, we found out who we’re playing:

Syracuse.  The last time we went to the tournament, we played Syracuse (and won), and this time, one of our players–Maurice Joseph (aka MoJo)– his younger brother plays for Syracuse.  So if you ask me, it’s all about the stories that will come from this matchup, not that we really should be playing Syracuse.  Oh well.  Maybe they’ll play, UVM will lose, then the season will be over and Grant will be done! (which would be especially nice so he’ll be around in case I go into labor!!).  It’s all been very exciting these last few days, I can tell you that much!

In baby news, I’m officially full term today, at 37 weeks!  I have exactly 3 weeks until my actual due date, but if the baby comes anytime before then, he/she should be able to thrive and not have to go to the NICU.  I’m hoping this baby comes either right on time or a little late–NOT EARLY–but of course, I have no control over that.  We are very excited to meet our little one, but I want to bank as much sick time as possible!  Stay in there a little while longer, Jebediah!

On Monday, we got our second opinion about the furnace situation from a heating and cooling company.  Turns out, we don’t need a new furnace!  When we got back from basketball this weekend, the rug next to the system wasn’t wet.  Apparently, the flush to the system that the previous guy gave it is all it needed and it isn’t leaking anymore.  He said if we wanted a more energy efficient system, getting a new one now, especially with the tax incentives this year would be a good idea, but not necessary.  He also said our furnace has about another 5 years on it, so we’re going to stick with it for a little while longer.  Hooray!!

On Tuesday, I got my last ultrasound.  Unfortunately, Grant couldn’t come because they moved practice to first thing in the morning–usually they practice in the afternoons or evenings, but they could move it because it is spring break this week.  So it sucked that he couldn’t come, but I did get a good picture of a close up of his/her face!  And most importantly, Jebediah is perfectly healthy!  Can you see our little one’s face?

Our task tonight: meeting with a potential pediatrician.  Time to get all these last details wrapped up before baby comes!

Today, since Grant didn’t have to go in to work until later, he tackled one of our home improvement projects: painting the cement slab in our basement to somewhat match the carpet–our temporary fix until we get new carpet throughout the basement.  He sent me this photo from his phone:

I gotta say, it looks much better this tan color than the brick red it used to be!!  I love it when things go well!

Let me start off by saying, I had a very nice weekend, even though it started out a little rough.  On Saturday, I hooked up with my friend Vivian and we drove to Connecticut to watch UVM’s men’s basketball team in the America East quarter finals.  Vivian is pregnant also (10 weeks behind me) and her husband is one of the assistant coaches.  We’ve become fast friends, discussing all kinds of pregnancy stuff, sitting next to each other at games, and hanging out when our husbands are on the road with the team.  Vivian picked me up Saturday morning and we drove to this little town in Vermont called Mancester Center, which was pretty much on the way, so she could return a purse. Mancester Center has an outlet mall with stores that range from Yankee Candle and Gymboree to Coach, Burberry, and Armani.  But about 30 minutes into our trip, I wasn’t feeling so good but I thought I could stick it out and just crack the window and I’d be fine. Not the case. Vivian had to make a quick turn into someone’s driveway off the little road we were on so I could throw up.  This surprised her just as much as it did me!  I felt totally fine all morning, so I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy that has suddenly made me extra sensitive to movement?  A little while later while on the freeway we had to make a second stop for me to do the same thing again.  Ugh, I felt awful.  But we made it to Hartford in time to check into the hotel (where the team was staying), get a little rest, eat a little something and head to the game.

Our seats were originally right behind the basket on the bleachers, but we were eyeing the section diagonal from us, which had cushions and seat backs and it wasn’t full of people.  So during one of the timeouts, we went and sat over there.  We were two happy pregnant ladies! And hey, it gave me a better view of Grant Wilson!

Good thing because he ended up having to put in a little extra work when one of our guys got hit in the eye.

We won this game, which meant we got to stay and play one more team the next day. Sunday was reserved for me to sleep in, eat, watch tv, relax, go with the men’s team to watch our women’s team play (they won), eat, nap, watch Grant tape a few of our guy’s ankles in our room, and meet up with Vivian to head to the game. We won our game, which means all we have to do is win the conference championship game this Saturday (at UVM) to get into the NCAA tournament!!  (Yes, Amber, that’s that March Madness thing you keep hearing about).  The game got over after 9:30 pm and Vivian’s husband agreed to drive home with her and I rode on the bus with Grant and the team in hopes of not having a repeat vomit incident. And I didn’t!  Plus I slept a little bit, but it was hard to get comfortable–my tailbone had been hurting from sitting all weekend.  But it was nice to not have to ride in a car and to be able to be with Grant Wilson.  We got home about 2:45 am and went straight to bed, and though I had to go to work the next day, I went in a couple hours late so I could get a little sleep.  I made it the whole day not falling asleep at my desk and dinner that night was Burger King.  So dispite a few hiccups, it was a nice weekend with good basketball and great company!

Pictures first.  This is our furnace (top to bottom)

Yes, it’s ancient. Yes, it’s original to the house (circa 1974). And yes, it’s broken.  UGH! The past week, whenever the heat turned on, we could hear this gurgling noise coming through the registers. “Grant, do you hear that?!” “Ya, it always sounds like that,” he said. “No it hasn’t. I don’t think that’s normal.” A few days go by and while getting ready for work, I notice that the thermostat isn’t showing the normal morning high of 65*, it’s showing 61* but it says the heat is on.  This prompted Grant to call the gas company, who came out and looked at our furnace.  They said we probably had a leak somewhere that was causing air to get into the pipes, which made that gurgling noise. He said we had to call a plumber.  A plumber? For a furnace problem?  I guess, since plumbers deal with pipes–and you can see by our unit, we have plenty of those!  AND, all this time, I thought we had gas running through those pipes to heat the house. Turns out, the gas heats up the hot water and water is running through the pipes.  I guess I should’ve paid closer attention to these sorts of things when we bought the house.

Anyway, there’s a leak and they suggested we buy a whole new system–one that is more energy efficient and doesn’t require all those pipes you see in the pictures.  I guess just fixing the leak isn’t really an option, but we are going to get a second opinion before we move forward.  Glad it’s not the middle of winter here in Vermont! The weather has been pretty good–sunny, highs in the upper 30s, some days getting into the 40s.  Spring is on the way! And if we didn’t have a baby on the way too, I’d say let’s save up and wait to get it taken care of in the summer. But it’s looking like this is where our tax refund is going this year.  Say it once more with me: Ugh!

On Sunday, I had my first baby shower!  Allison, who has become a dear friend since we moved to Vermont, has been wanting to throw us one since we found we were having a baby.  And it’s not just my first baby shower because this is my first baby, but it’s the first shower out of two for this baby.  The leader of my “care group” at church is throwing me one next weekend. Woo hoo!  What a loved baby already! 

The shower Allison threw for us was co-ed.  I decided early on that this is what I wanted to do–I wanted Grant to be a part of the celebration (it’s his baby, too!!), and since the majority of our friends here are married, husbands were more than welcome to join the festivities!  Plus my boss, Jon, mentioned early on that he wanted to come to my baby shower.  This only reaffirmed what a wonderful idea it was to have a co-ed baby shower.  Allison went all out:

Mmmm… the inside of the cake had a raspberry and cream filling.  YUM!

Me and Allison.  Can you tell I’m even pregnant in this picture?  It looks hard to tell because of the angle I’m standing at.  Funny story about that shirt–I wanted to buy something to wear for this occasion and every maternity section/maternity store didn’t have anything I wanted.  So I ventured into Maurice’s.  Do you have that store where you are?  It has clothes you could wear to work or out to the club and is generally targeted towards those in their late teens to late twenties.  Walking inside I realized two things: 1) I’m almost getting too old to shop here; and 2) I’m probably too pregnant to fit into any of their clothes.  But I was determined to find at least a cute shirt that I could stretch over my ever-growing belly. Feeling so self-conscious as I searched, I found that shirt with the flower that covers half my belly.  I loved it!  And who knows, maybe I can wear it post-baby too.  Ok, back to shower stuff….

I don’t have a lot of pictures right now of the actual festivities–once I started opening gifts, Allison started taking pictures with her camera, so I have to wait for her to send me her photos.  So there will be another post regarding this shower at a later date.  But for now, guests:

Sue and Jill–coworkers of mine

Ha ha ha!  I don’t know what’s happening in this picture, but it looks pretty funny.  These folks (Chris, Steve, Sue, Heidi) are all neighbors of Allison’s whom we’ve gotten to know over the years.  I think we met them 2 years ago when we started going to their annual neighborhood block party.  We’ve been adopted into their neighborhood. Lol. 

Me and Sue.  Sue with her usual cocktail, and me with some yummy punch Allison made.  Of course, all drinks had to be served in sippy cups!  There were more guests there, but I didn’t get pictures of them… I hope Allison did!

We ate, opened presents and played games.  It was a great time!  One of the best things was walking in to Allison’s house when we first got there and seeing a corner full of presents.  Being the only guests there, I said, “geez, who are all of those from?!”  She said, “your friends and family from Oregon.”  I was so surprised!  One of the (many) gifts we got from Amber was this:

Isn’t it awesome?! And this is just part of it. The patches go from green to yellow and it’s great!! If you check out Amber’s blog, she tells more about all the hard work she put into making this lovely quilt.  And if you look closely at the bottom of the picture, you can see the sheets that we got as a gift also.  Here is a shot of the blanket that goes with it, which will get hung on the wall:

And that monkey hanging on the closet door?  We found it at a store we were registering at.  We didn’t buy it at the time, because we were tasked with JUST registering and not buying (so hard to do, by the way).  Well, I came home from work the other day and it was hanging there–Thanks, Grant Wilson!

I’ve probably said it before, but I’ll say it again: I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with monkeys for this baby! I think it started with wanting to do an animal or jungle theme for the nursery and it sort of manifested itself into just monkeys.  A monkey for my little monkey!

More about this shower later (I need Allison’s pictures!!!)