This morning I had a my last monthly doctors appointment and Jebediah checked out just perfect!  I start going every two weeks now, which is really just 2 appointments until I start going every week until my due date.  I seriously can’t believe we’re at this point already!!  Baby is doing a lot of stretching out, kicking and general moving about on a regular basis–mostly when I start getting hungry and about an hour after I eat.  Sometimes it can be hard for me to eat right away when I get hungry, especially at work, because I can get distracted easily and then I feel like I’M GOING TO DIE if I don’t eat anything right that second.  I think getting the extra kicks from baby is a good reminder: “Mom! I’m hungry! Let’s eat!”  This occured last night…. I stayed at work waaayy later than I expected to and by the time I was walking to my car, my stomach was growling (or was that the baby?!?) and a stop on the way home at McDonalds for a Big Mac and fries became a necessity.   

The other night I got to working in the baby’s room and almost had to be reminded to eat again.  But I was able to multi-task (boil the water and cook the pasta) while getting things done in the room.  And I completed both tasks: cook dinner and finish dresser/changing table

Of course the stuff on the changing table part will have a different home once we get a changing table pad.

Man!! I had so much fun taking the tags off these clothes, admiring their cuteness, and finding the place for them in the dresser!!  I can’t believe little Jebediah will be in these in 55 days!!!!  The top drawer on the left has cloth diapers in it that my mom gave us, but not just any cloth diapers…. they are the diapers my brother and I both wore, which have over the years been lent out to my parents friends when they had babies and given back.  Grant and I aren’t dead set in using these, but haven’t ruled it out either.  Cloth diapers have been improved 50 times over since these were last used, so I will need to go to a local baby store and see what I need to get to accompany them to ensure zero leakage and stay-put-ness.  The other top drawer has some swaddling cloths and a U of O Duck hat (we might need to get a little Notre Dame one too, just because).  After our baby shower and things get more organized in the room, stuff will get moved and switched around I’m sure, but for now, it’s perfect!