It seems a lot has happened in the week that I haven’t posted anything.  First thing’s first:

My belly is getting big! Doesn’t look big from this picture? Check me out sitting down:

Now it looks huge, right?  Ha ha!  The other night, Grant and I were eating dinner and I was talking to him, not really paying attention to my spicy ranch chicken wrap I was eating (YUM!!).  Grant looks at me and says, “you’re spilling.” I look down…

and all I see is belly, no mess.  So I say, “no I’m not.”  He grabs his napkin. “Yes, you are, it’s all over you!”  and he proceeds to clean up the mess that I had, in fact left in my lap, which is the part of my body I haven’t seen for the last 3 months.  What would I do without him?! I’d be walking around a mess, is what I’d be doing…

In other baby news, we’ve started getting more things ready for the nursery.  When I was a baby, my mom had a dresser/changing table that she used for both me and my older brother.  When I got my first apartment, she graciously let me take it and I used it as a dresser/tv stand.  It has been used in this capacity ever since, but now that Jebediah is on the way, we are actually going to use it for it’s original purpose.  We  Grant started painting it on Saturday and did the final coat on Sunday. 

We are painting it white to match the crib that we got from a co-worker (you gotta love donated goods!) along with what used to be an entertainment center.  I texted my mom to tell her we were painting the dresser and she informed me that she had stained that herself when she and my dad first got it and she never thought it would ever last to be used by her grandchild.  Pretty cool that it will be used by Jebediah, but I also felt a little bad for painting over her hard work from almost 30 years ago (am I crazy?)

Grant has since moved the newly painted furniture up to the baby’s room and tonight I will be finding the right places for them and even might put some of the cute baby clothes we have so far inside the dresser… although it has been nice having the clothes out hanging on the crib so I can just walk by and admire their cuteness….

Yesterday (Superbowl Sunday) we went over to Kwame and Julie’s to watch the game and eat.  It was great seeing them because it’s been since before Christmas that we have all hung out together.  I like the Colts, but was happy to see the Saints win.  It was a great game with some pretty good commercials.  Here are two of my favorites:

At half time, we went bowling (on the Wii…)

Because, really… who wants to sit and watch The Who???  Ever since the whole Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” they haven’t had any good halftime performers.  Booooo!!!  Anyway, that’s the latest. Once I get the baby room situated, I’ll be back to give you an update!