February 2010

Ok, my constant runny nose has gotten worse.  I’ve been totally blocked for over a week now, and have suffered the occasional scratchy throat.  I had an OB appointment on Monday (which went very well, baby is totally healthy) and the doctor said if it doesn’t get any better she wants me on an antibiotic because I might have a sinus infection.  Ugh! 

After going home from work at lunchtime yesterday because I was feeling like crap, I spent the day on the couch drinking lots of orange juice, water, eating soup and sleeping intermittently before Sleepless in Seattle came on tv (love that movie!).  In the evening, I ate some dinner, took a bubble bath and went to bed relatively early.  This morning I woke up and my left ear feels like it needs to pop, but I can’t get it to… now I’m worried about getting an ear infection.  I think I’m officially falling apart! Lol.  I have a call in to my doctor’s office to see what they reccommend.  I’m hoping they give me some drugs that will 1) Not harm the baby and 2) Will help me get rid of whatever it is that I am suffering from. 

I also woke up to a winter storm— 7 inches at 6:30 a.m. and it’s still falling.  We could get up to one foot!  From my office it looks like this right now:


Working in a winter wonderland!  It is beautiful outside, but I have to tell you, I’m so ready for spring and warmer weather. Maybe because the closer we get to spring, the closer it is till our baby comes into the world.  THAT’s what I’m so ready for!

I haven’t posted anything in a while because I’ve been sick.  I got a cold this past weekend–which I didn’t know was a cold, since I have been blowing my nose non-stop since October because of baby–but I was blowing it more than I usually do and come Monday and the sore throat started to settle in.  Thank goodness Monday was President’s Day and I didn’t have to go to work.  I stayed my butt at home, slept a little and just took the time to rest.  And now that it’s Friday, I finally feel like I’m on the mend.

But there are a few things that have happened since my last post:

  • We attended our first birthing class!  We are taking a private class, which is two 2 hr sessions and so far, we have learned everything from the signs of labor to what happens physically (and emotionally) during birth.  Our next session, which is this weekend, will focus on breathing exercises and techniques I can use.  I’m determined to have a natural childbirth, so I can’t wait for this next part!  At the end of this first session, our instructor recommended a dvd for us to watch that showed different births.  Grant said to her, “I don’t have to watch that, do I?”  Oh yes, Grant Wilson, you do!
  • Valentine’s Day was low-key for us this year.  There was a basketball game Grant had to work and I wasn’t feeling my normal “we have to do something because it’s Valentine’s Day” routine.  I was tired, stuffy-nosed and it just felt like it was any other day (which a lot of people do).  So after the game, Grant fried some catfish, made home-made french fries and we hung out on the couch in front of the tv.  Ahhh, romance!  It was perfect!
  • Yesterday, I got professional baby belly photos taken!  I’ve been looking forward to doing this, but since I am still getting over my cold, it was a little difficult to feel pretty, sexy and pregnant.  But I think I got some nice shots.  I got a coupon from my ob/gyn’s office for a free belly session, 4×5 and newborn session.  I’ll get to see the belly shots next week, and I’d like to pick one to put up in the baby’s room (that’s bigger than a 4×5).  Once the baby is born, Grant will join me (and baby) for the newborn session.

So that’s the latest!  I’m glad it’s Friday, Grant is home this weekend, my cold is going away, and baby is happy and healthy!

This morning I had a my last monthly doctors appointment and Jebediah checked out just perfect!  I start going every two weeks now, which is really just 2 appointments until I start going every week until my due date.  I seriously can’t believe we’re at this point already!!  Baby is doing a lot of stretching out, kicking and general moving about on a regular basis–mostly when I start getting hungry and about an hour after I eat.  Sometimes it can be hard for me to eat right away when I get hungry, especially at work, because I can get distracted easily and then I feel like I’M GOING TO DIE if I don’t eat anything right that second.  I think getting the extra kicks from baby is a good reminder: “Mom! I’m hungry! Let’s eat!”  This occured last night…. I stayed at work waaayy later than I expected to and by the time I was walking to my car, my stomach was growling (or was that the baby?!?) and a stop on the way home at McDonalds for a Big Mac and fries became a necessity.   

The other night I got to working in the baby’s room and almost had to be reminded to eat again.  But I was able to multi-task (boil the water and cook the pasta) while getting things done in the room.  And I completed both tasks: cook dinner and finish dresser/changing table

Of course the stuff on the changing table part will have a different home once we get a changing table pad.

Man!! I had so much fun taking the tags off these clothes, admiring their cuteness, and finding the place for them in the dresser!!  I can’t believe little Jebediah will be in these in 55 days!!!!  The top drawer on the left has cloth diapers in it that my mom gave us, but not just any cloth diapers…. they are the diapers my brother and I both wore, which have over the years been lent out to my parents friends when they had babies and given back.  Grant and I aren’t dead set in using these, but haven’t ruled it out either.  Cloth diapers have been improved 50 times over since these were last used, so I will need to go to a local baby store and see what I need to get to accompany them to ensure zero leakage and stay-put-ness.  The other top drawer has some swaddling cloths and a U of O Duck hat (we might need to get a little Notre Dame one too, just because).  After our baby shower and things get more organized in the room, stuff will get moved and switched around I’m sure, but for now, it’s perfect!

It seems a lot has happened in the week that I haven’t posted anything.  First thing’s first:

My belly is getting big! Doesn’t look big from this picture? Check me out sitting down:

Now it looks huge, right?  Ha ha!  The other night, Grant and I were eating dinner and I was talking to him, not really paying attention to my spicy ranch chicken wrap I was eating (YUM!!).  Grant looks at me and says, “you’re spilling.” I look down…

and all I see is belly, no mess.  So I say, “no I’m not.”  He grabs his napkin. “Yes, you are, it’s all over you!”  and he proceeds to clean up the mess that I had, in fact left in my lap, which is the part of my body I haven’t seen for the last 3 months.  What would I do without him?! I’d be walking around a mess, is what I’d be doing…

In other baby news, we’ve started getting more things ready for the nursery.  When I was a baby, my mom had a dresser/changing table that she used for both me and my older brother.  When I got my first apartment, she graciously let me take it and I used it as a dresser/tv stand.  It has been used in this capacity ever since, but now that Jebediah is on the way, we are actually going to use it for it’s original purpose.  We  Grant started painting it on Saturday and did the final coat on Sunday. 

We are painting it white to match the crib that we got from a co-worker (you gotta love donated goods!) along with what used to be an entertainment center.  I texted my mom to tell her we were painting the dresser and she informed me that she had stained that herself when she and my dad first got it and she never thought it would ever last to be used by her grandchild.  Pretty cool that it will be used by Jebediah, but I also felt a little bad for painting over her hard work from almost 30 years ago (am I crazy?)

Grant has since moved the newly painted furniture up to the baby’s room and tonight I will be finding the right places for them and even might put some of the cute baby clothes we have so far inside the dresser… although it has been nice having the clothes out hanging on the crib so I can just walk by and admire their cuteness….

Yesterday (Superbowl Sunday) we went over to Kwame and Julie’s to watch the game and eat.  It was great seeing them because it’s been since before Christmas that we have all hung out together.  I like the Colts, but was happy to see the Saints win.  It was a great game with some pretty good commercials.  Here are two of my favorites:

At half time, we went bowling (on the Wii…)

Because, really… who wants to sit and watch The Who???  Ever since the whole Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” they haven’t had any good halftime performers.  Booooo!!!  Anyway, that’s the latest. Once I get the baby room situated, I’ll be back to give you an update!


Friday was the last day with my ’93 Honda Accord.  A sad day, but also a happy one because I got to pick up my new car!  I’ve been driving my Accord for almost 10 years (which I can’t believe–has it really been that long?!  Apparently…). Recently, my Accord has seen some rough days but all in all, it has served me well and 98% of the time got me to where I needed to go.

But with the occassional breakdowns and the baby coming soon, we knew it was time for an upgrade. So on Friday, I said hello to my brand new Honda CR-V (color: Opal Sage Metallic).  I’ve been wanting this car for about 2 years and still can’t believe I own one. So of course we’re finding any excuse to take it out for a spin!

But we did have some baby business to take care of: registering! We wanted to register at Target, among a couple other stores, and the closest one is in Plattsburgh, NY (about an hour away).  We’ve never been to Plattsburgh in the 4 yrs we’ve lived here, so going to the new Target was a good enough reason for us! Before we left for our day trip (side note: I think Target and Panera are the only 2 reasons really to get over there) Grant and I had this conversation:

Grant: So I think we’re guna need to take the ferry over. I guess the bridge is out.

Me: Ya, they blew up the bridge last month because it was falling apart. Didn’t you hear about it? It made the national news.

Grant: Are they going to re-build it?

Me: Ya, eventually.

I don’t blame him for not being more up to date on his current events, he’s been so busy with basketball, but it was pretty funny.  Anyways, not only did our CR-V get it’s first trip on a ferry, so did Grant!

They break up the ice in the lake to make a path for the ferries to go to and from New York. It’s pretty cool and only took about 10 minutes to get across. As we passed part of the lake making our way to the ferry, we saw all these crazy people out there ice fishing.  I’m sorry, but I just don’t trust  it no matter how cold and frozen the lake is.  But one thing we saw on the way back that actually looked like fun was something I’ve never seen before. It was like people were wind surfing on top of the ice.  They had these big “kites” and the wind was pulling them around… I think they may have had skis on their feet, but I’m not sure.

Anyway, our trip was a success. We left the house around 9:30 am, made our way over and got registered, went to lunch, went back to target to spend a gift certificate we had, walked around the mall a little, then made our way home–stopping at Costco and the grocery store along the way.  I was exhausted by the time we got home (6:00 pm).  I wanted to lay down so badly because my back was starting to bother me.  It’s beginning to get hard to move around and be on my feet for long periods of time.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I’m happily driving my baby-mobile!