So this past weekend, I was all geared up to attend a pre-natal yoga class first thing Saturday morning, then spend the rest of the weekend cleaning up and preparing the baby’s room.  But Saturday didn’t go as planned.  I woke up and checked online to verify the start time of the yoga class, and I didn’t see it so I called them.  And I’m glad I did because it turns out they don’t have Saturday morning classes anymore. This kind of sucks, but it’s not a complete loss because I can just go to the Thursday evening class instead. Besides, this gave me a chance to enjoy my Saturday morning.  I had breakfast in bed (a bowl of frosted flakes topped with banana–one of my favorites right now), kissed Grant good-bye (road trip with the basketball team), watched some tv and read some of my “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book. Then sleep started to creep in and it took over!!! I woke up about 2 hrs later (12:30–holy crap!!)  After getting over the pang of guilt for feeling like I wasted half the day, I got up and went for a walk around the neighborhood. I had to get in my exercise, because I was also feeling guilty for eating enchiladas for lunch and a Big Mac meal for dinner the day before. And since our treadmill is on the fritz, I had to bear the freezing temps outside (20* but the sun was shining) and get my 30 minutes in.

Later in the day, I met up with my friend Vivian.  Vivian is pregnant also (10 weeks behind me) and her husband is one of the assistant coaches of the men’s basketball team.  So when the guys are gone, we get together to eat (the thing we’re best at right now) and gab (the second best thing we’re good at).  We ordered Chinese food and watched a movie at her place and talked pregnancy and babies.  It’s great having someone who is pregnant at the same time to share things with.

Sunday, I was determined to be all business.  I cleaned up around the house and took what was once the office/make-shift baby room/disaster area:

And turned it into a blank canvas, that can now be filled with wonderful things for Jebediah!

Grant moved the desk down to the basement earlier in the week, so I just took everything that was on the floor and made multiple trips downstairs.  I took short breaks in between going up and down the stairs–the championship games were on, so I would sit to watch a couple plays before my next trip back up.  After an hour, our stuff was moved downstairs but not put away–that would have to wait for another day–and the baby room was vaccuumed and put in some kind of order.  That big chair isn’t going to stay in there, and neither is that little bookcase, but it’s a start!  I have my old changing table/dresser that is in our room serving as the tv stand which will get painted white and moved into the baby’s room, and we are going to get a rocking chair to put in there too.  

I can’t wait to hang stuff on the walls, get the dresser fixed up and continue to get ready for Jebediah! After all, I only have about 10 weeks left until this baby makes its appearance!