Update to yesterday’s post: I’m happier today!  But I have to tell you, yesterday was such a struggle for me, especially once the sun went down–my eyelids wanted to do the same!  I went straight home after work, not staying the 30 minutes longer that I usually do.  I went straight for the couch and my intention was to take a nap before needing to grab something to eat and heading to the basketball game Grant was working.  The minute I lay down, Jebediah starts kicking and tumbling around. “Now is not the time to play,” I said to baby.  But I managed to sleep for about 20 minutes. I grabbed some food and went to the game. We won (yeah!). By the time I got home it was 9:30 and I practically ran (key word = practically) and got my pj’s on, got ready for bed and watched tv until Grant got home. We talked for a bit about our days and then took on the task of sleep.  And sleep I did!  I think most of it was being so exhausted from the previous night that I fell into a deep sleep in no time.  I did wake up to use the bathroom twice and from 3-3:45 was up doing my walking, stairs, blowing of the nose routine–but I was able to get back to sleep.  The humidifier was on the low setting so as not to run out of water in the middle of the night.  I’m not sure if it’s making any difference yet, so we’ll see.

Ok, so in other news: this weekend we got an entertainment center.  We have been searching for about 2 years for one that was simple looking, yet modern, matched the wood trim we have throughout the house, and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Ever since we bought our LCD tv, it’s been sitting on top of an old coffee table because it can’t be wall mounted.  We stumbled upon this wonderful find while at Costco doing our usual grocery shopping.  I wanted to show Grant an ottoman that I thought was cute and might look good in our living room that they had the last time I was there.  While unsuccessfully finding the ottoman, I saw this entertainment center and (bonus!) it was on sale. We thought it was perfect! So Kwame went with Grant a few days later to pick it up in his s.u.v.  And since it came in the box fully assembled, we didn’t have to do much but unpack it!

We have to get one of those things that hides cords against the wall and eventually do something with this red cement slab on our basement floor (we’re thinking of painting it with cement paint to match our current carpet color until we re-carpet the whole downstairs).  There’s always so much to do, but at least we can check one thing off our list!  Yeah!