Sleeping is becoming more and more of a chore that I’m dreading every night.  It used to be my favorite part of the day–seriously.  Getting in my comfy pajamas, climbing under the covers, and laying my head in that perfect position (whatever it would be that night) on my pillow that would generate a deep sleep for hours on end. 

No more.

I thought I had my stuffy pregnancy nose under control–I had a whole routine down that included the saline nasal spray, Vicks vapor rub and a box of tissue next to the bed just in case of a sneezing attack in the middle of the night.  Things were going pretty well.  I still woke up at least once a night to use the bathroom (nothing unusual there) but I could always just get up, go, and get back to sleep.  Now when I wake up to go, I’m up.  Some days I’m up because I’m actually wide awake and feel like I’ve had enough sleep to take on the day (hmm…. it’s 2:45 am, if I shower and have breakfast now, I’ll have such a great head start on my day!)  But really most days, I’m up because I can’t breathe out of my nose.  The routine lately has gone like this: I get up to go to the bathroom, I lay back in bed but my nose is so stuffy I can’t breathe. So I get up again and walk laps around the kitchen and living room.  After about 3 minutes, I walk up and down our stairs about 3 or 4 times.  Why do I do this, you ask?  Because usually when I am active, my nose clears up–so I think, all I have to do is move around a bit to “get the juices flowing” and I’ll be able to blow my nose, clear out this stuff and be able to breathe out of at least one nostril, which really is all I need to sleep. 

Lately, no matter how much I move around, it does nothing. NOTHING!!! I end up going back to bed stuffy nosed, pissed off and frankly out of breath from my early morning stairmaster-session.  So I toss and turn, trying to make the most of it.  Sometimes even propping myself up in bed hoping for some kind of relief. I watch each hour pass me by, and eventually it’s 6 am and I end up getting out of bed instead of waiting out the next 15 minutes for my alarm clock to go off.  THEN, the thing that is most frustrating, is that when I get up at 6 am, I put in my contacts and brush my teeth and before I even get in the shower, my nose is clear.  AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!! 

Anxious to try anything to get a good nights sleep, I went to Walmart yesterday to get a humidifier to put next to the bed.  Note: I hate Walmart, but Target is about an hour away so Walmart had to suffice.  After some searching, I found what I think will do the trick and I’m starting to get that “looking forward to going to bed” feeling that I once found so comforting.  I get in line at the check out, and to make my Walmart shopping experience complete, the man in front of me in line was clearly not wearing any underwear and was showing the world his butt crack (wait, is butt crack one word or two? Or is it a hyphenate??)  Yup, pants falling down and all.  If he was intently going to the store that day free-balling it, he couldn’t have at least thrown on a belt?  Although, if he was going to “throw on” anything, you’d hope it would be a pair of undies. Was this a sign of things to come?

Last night, I happily filled my humidifier to the 12 hour mark (it can run up to 24 hours) –thinking this would be plenty of humidifying time for my 6-8 hours of sleep I would be getting.  Apparently not.  I woke up at 2:45 to use the bathroom and the thing was empty!  I should’ve just unplugged it and taken it to the bathroom to refill and try to remember (while half asleep) how it works.  But I went back to my old routine of nasal spray, Vicks, laps and “the stairmaster” not wanting to bother with my new contraption.  Ya, this didn’t work.  I tossed and turned, couldn’t breathe, got up before my alarm, and by the time I had my contacts in, my nose was clear.  Desperately wanting to scrap my whole work day and just crawl back in bed to make up for the last 4 hours of sleep I lost would have to wait until tonight. 

I’m going to give this another try.  I know once the baby comes I won’t be getting much sleep and this is “my body’s way of practicing” for when Jebediah is here, but I would rather stock up on my sleep now.  I hear of women not getting sleep because they are uncomfortable due to the size of their growing bellies, but this is simply not the case for me.  I’m giving this humidifier another try tonight, but if there is anything I haven’t tried that you would suggest, dear readers, PLEASE leave me a comment and let me know.  I’m getting desperate.

Ok, enough with this. I do have good stuff to post about, but that will come tomorrow (hopefully along with some good news about my sleep tonight!).  Talk to you then.