I’m happy to report that I do not have gestational diabetes.  Hooray!  Here’s the recap of my day:

  • Stopped by my office first thing in the morning to grab my laptop and some work I knew I could finish while waiting in between getting my blood drawn.
  • Got there, signed in, waited almost half an hour before being given the orange stuff to drink again. Hunger pains are starting, as I’ve been fasting since late the night before.  I’m actually looking forward to drinking this sugary drink just so I can get something in my stomach.
  • Took my first dose, had to wait an hour. They drew a small vile of blood from my arm.  I’m starving. I asked the lab tech if I could chew gum (I knew I had one piece left in my purse, which I think now could save my life). “Is it sugarless gum?” she asked.  Crap.  I hope it’s sugarless or else I’m going to pass out.
  • I rummage through my purse. Sugarfree gum!!!  “It’s sugarfree!” I wanted to scream out to everyone in the waiting room.  I feel as though I’ve won the lottery and happily chew my gum–and give myself a pat on the back for having gum that is free from sugar instead of the unhealthy alternative.
  • I finally get connected to wireless and am able to check my email, schedule some meetings for Jon, etc.
  • I get my blood drawn a second time after the second hour.  The 3rd and last hour can’t come fast enough because my gum is starting to lose its appeal.  I need food.  Jebediah has been almost stationary all morning and I’m starting to get concerned my baby is officially malnourished.  I’m starting to get pissed at these people in the lab for forcing me to starve my child.  I keep my eye on the clock, knowing they are supposed to call my name in 42 seconds. 
  • 1 min. 30 seconds go by and they still haven’t called me.  I just might have to strangle someone for making me wait these extra 48 seconds. Then the woman comes out and calls my name.  I spit my gum out while walking past a trash can on the way to the seat where they will draw the 3rd and final vile of blood, anticipating the crackers I will start to wolf down before I even leave the office.
  • I gather my things and start to eat my crackers.  The bus that goes directly from the hospital to my office won’t be there for another 15 minutes, so I decide to make the relatively short and direct walk through campus.  I’m meeting a co-worker for lunch and I’m already late, so I haul my laptop, purse and pregnant self to my office, all while trying to eat my crackers.  This becomes an unsuccessful task, as I’m breathing heavily from walking fast and carrying a heavy load of all my stuff.  I have to stop eating my crackers, which in turn, starts to make me mad.
  • I make it back to the office in 7 minutes. Not bad! I drop off my stuff and meet Dennis outside his office for lunch.  “Where do you want to go to eat?” he asks.  I try to be as polite as possible when I say, “It doesn’t matter, I’m starving, so I’ll eat anything.”  He makes the executive decision to go to Great Harvest Bread Co. and we get soup and sandwiches.  I don’t know if the tomato chutney they put on the sandwich always tastes like a little piece of heaven, or if it was just because I was so hungry?  Happily full, I get back to the office and finish out the work day.
  • Jebediah starts kicking and moving around about an hour after lunch.  Baby is happy.  I’m happy.
  • A few hours later, I call my doctor’s office to see if they got the results.  I have to leave a message and wait to get called back.  Arg.
  • 20 minutes go by and my phone rings.  I passed with flying colors.   I don’t have gestational diabetes.  The nurse I’m on the phone with says I’ve actually got the best numbers she’s seen in a long time.  I’m extremely happy, not even being able to imagine going through the rest of this pregnancy with diabetes.  Then I start to think, “I starved myself and my baby, got poked and prodded, and was worried all for nothing?!” 

In other baby news, we’ve made some progress on the baby room.  Grant had asked me last weekend what I wanted to do with it, since all we’ve done is paint and put the crib in it.  I told him I wanted to move the monstrous desk out of there and set it up in the basement.  His reaction? “It’s so heavy, I would want to hire someone to come in for an hour, take it apart, move it downstairs and put it back together.”  But when I got home the other day, the baby room looked like this

The desk was disassembled! Grant had some free time before going into work that day and he got the project started!  He has since moved everything to the basement and has set it all up except one piece that is too heavy for him to put together by himself. This will require a helping hand from a friend.  But once the room is cleaned out, we can start making it look like an actual baby room.  I can’t wait! Especially now that I am at the start of my last trimester (28 weeks and 3 days today!). This baby will be here before we know it!

At the time this picture was taken, I was: 28 weeks, 2 days (7 months pregnant).  Waist = 39″.  Weight = 1 lb less than last month (don’t know how this happened).  I’m still feeling great and Grant and I can’t wait to meet little Jebediah!