This morning, Grant accompanied me to one of my routine monthly pre-nantal doctor’s appointments.  Today, I had to take a glucose test.  For those of you who don’t know what this is, I have to drink this special sugary drink (which actually tastes pretty good–just like Orange pop without the carbonation) an hour before my appointment and when I get there, the nurse takes a few drops of blood and they test it for gestational diabetes.  Turns out I failed.  Miserably, I think. 

They like to see your numbers right around 130 and mine was 175!!  Woa!  So, they scheduled me for another appointment at the hospital lab for tomorrow–this will be a 3 hour appointment (inconvenience #1).  They will give me 3 seperate glucose tests, one each hour, and I can’t leave in between.  I have to just sit there and wait (inconvenience #2).  I plan on bringing my laptop (geez, I hope I can get wifi in there, otherwise = inconvenience #3) to try to get some work done, surf the web…hey, maybe even watch a movie while I wait. 

The good news is the doctor said she doesn’t think I have gestational diabetes because there is no history of diabetes in my family and I live a healthy lifestyle, both now and pre-pregnancy.  This second test needs to be done for more conclusive results, but I should know by tomorrow afternoon whether I have it or not.

I’ll keep you posted!  Send good thoughts my way!